The Shark Sisters

The Shark Sisters
Totally "jawsome" duo/trio

Member since: 2018-12-14
Home: Sarasota, FL, US
Frequently Tours: FL, GA, New England
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass
Other Instruments: harmonica
Genre: Folk, Americana, Singer/Songwriter
Style: Upbeat Fun
Content: Mainstream Humor
Rating: G

The Shark Sisters
The Shark Sisters


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"Just left The Shark Sisters concert at our community and these ladies were fantastic!! You are on your way to busy times ladies!!!" Facebook fan "Just saying, if you haven't seen the Shark haven't seen anything yet." Facebook fan
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The SHARK SISTERS are a lively acoustic sisterhood of multi-talented gal pals making waves and capturing hearts in SW Florida. Showcasing the humor, friendship and songwriting skills of Brenna Larson, Beth Travers, and Coleen Marren, the group blends “jawsome” harmonies and instrumentals with infectious fun as they reveal their innermost secrets about love, personal flaws, and life as a woman in today's world. Their heartwarming mix of originals and classic folk, Americana, country and blues fav...

Trying to fill these important dates

FL,GA,NC/US: Sep, 2019 (dates: Open) - Seeking tour dates throughout the Southeast, Sept.-Dec. Solo, duo or trio (

FL/US: Oct, 2019 (dates: Open) - Touring with The Shark Sisters trio for a jawsome, fun time. See for info.


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