Brenna Larson
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Heart-warming songstress

Member since: 2018-12-14
Home: Sarasota, FL, US
Frequently Tours: FL, GA, SC, NC, PA, MA,RI, CT,NH,VT, MN
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: Uke, cello, piano
Genre: Folk, Americana, Singer/Songwriter
Style: Varied
Content: Mainstream Fun
Rating: G

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"Brenna’s ability to connect deeply with her audfience flows from a variety of sacred places - her accessible music (and obvious talent), the warmth in her voice and eyes, her storytelling, and her infectious laugh had my guests smiling, nodding, and clapping all evening. We can’t wait to have her back!" - Asheville house concert host
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Brenna Larson is an engaging singer/songwriter with musical influences ranging from folk and Americana to country and blues. She combines warmth and wit with compelling vocal and finger-picking guitar skills to share inspiring, heartfelt and often hilarious views on life as a creative woman in today's world. Her story-telling style and clever lyrics build an authentic connection with audiences that stirs the emotions and makes you laugh along the way.

Born in Florida, Brenna grew up in a f...


Trying to fill these important dates

FL,GA,NC/US: Apr, 2019 (dates: Open) - Seeking tour dates throughout the Southeast, March-June

FL,GA,NC/US: May, 2019 (dates: Open) - Seeking tour dates throughout the Southeast, March-June

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