Danika & The Jeb

Danika & The Jeb
Memorable, Fun, Authentic

Host/Venue Recommendations: 59


Member since: 2013-07-23
Home: Madison, TN, US
Frequently Tours: USA, Europe, UK
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Other Instruments: Keyboard
Genre: Acoustic/Soul/Americana
Style: Groovy Energetic
Content: Mainstream Original
Rating: G - PG

Danika & The Jeb
Danika & The Jeb




"Danika and Jeb came through Red Clay Theatre a while back.  I had watched the videos and listened in space face world, but wasn't prepared for what they gave... LIVE.... Y’all spread the word bout them, and catch 'em when you can.  They'll outgrow the little places soon.” -Eddie Owen of Eddie Owens Presents and formerly Eddie’s Attic.
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Recommendations from hosts

June, 2019 - "We hosted Danika and Jeb last night. What a great night of singing, storytelling and amazing guitar work. These guys are so talented.They received rave review from all of our guests! Can't recommend them, more. If you get a chance to book them, do it!...


If when you hear the term ‘acoustic duo’ you imagine two people sitting on stools, lightly strumming guitars, singing about how life has treated them poorly, think again. Danika & the Jeb are dynamic, uplifting, and fun, while their music is a soulful combination of artfully written songs and powerful musical phrasing. When asked about why she has never applied to American Idol, Danika says “I never looked at the music industry like a lottery. I don’t need to buy a ticket. I simply need to be...

Trying to fill these important dates

Germany: Nov, 2019 (dates: Flexible) - Please email me to discuss date possibilities!

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Danika & The Jeb - An Introduc

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