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Below the form are some of the key dates I am trying to fill. You can suggest other dates.

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Trying to fill these important dates

KS,NE,MO/US: Sep, 2022 (dates: 26th-29th) - especially someplace between Ann Arbor and Hastings Nebraska!

CA/US: Oct, 2022 (dates: 17th -24th) - Would love to add these shows to our last leg as we go up to Portland!

TN,AL,GA/US: Oct, 2022 (dates: 2nd - 7th) - from Nebraska to Tennessee

MT,WY,ID/US: Apr, 2023 (dates: 1-30) - I have shows in Sun Valley Idaho and Pinedale Wyoming so anything within 6 hours of either of those places would be amazing!

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