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Below the form are some of the key dates I am trying to fill. You can suggest other dates.

Act name: The Rough & Tumble
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Trying to fill these important dates

CO,KS,SD/US: May, 2022 (dates: April 22-May 23) - Going to be in CO/KS/SD in the Spring of 2022 and would love to play for you.

NH,MA,ME/US: May, 2022 (dates: Nov-Dec 2022) - Anything available in New England in November and December?

MI/US: Aug, 2022 (dates: Aug 27-Sept. 9) - Anything available in MI?

FL,GA,AL/US: Mar, 2023 (dates: March 2023) - Looking to play Florida, Georgia and Alabama in March 2023.

TX,KS,NE/US: Apr, 2023 (dates: April 2023) - Looking to play some shows in Texas, Kansas, Nebraska in April 2023.

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