Frances Luke Accord

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Frances Luke Accord

Saturday, October 13th, 2018
Doors open: 6:00pm Start time: 7:00pm

Frances Luke Accord
Live at Philip and Barbara's house
918 So. Jackson St.;Green Bay, 54301
Please RSVP to: [email protected]

About The Show:
Suggested Donation: $20.00 each

Doors open at 6p.m. Concert begins at 7p.m. Bring a dish to pass or a bottle of wine to share if you wish but not required. Come and spend an incredible night of live music, great conversation, tasty food and engaging conversation. You won't regret it!

Frances Luke Accord:
When Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers put their songs and their voices together, there is a delicate and powerful magic that commands the room to attention. The duo is known as Frances Luke Accord, and they are what NPR’s Mountain Stage calls “the definition of lean-in music.” Their soulful, effortless branch of indie-folk is orchestrated with spare and sophisticated acoustic threads woven into a lush backdrop for their intimate melodies. Rich, up-close tenor harmonies lend their timeless songwri...

About our Concerts & Venue:
We love the idea of opening our home to outstanding touring artists who perform in an intimate setting for you(and us). House concerts are an amazing way to enjoy live music and to connect with the artist in a more personal way. We open up our home an hour before the concert is to begin to let people gather and enjoy conversation, food and wine. Come and be a part of something very special. It's not just the artists that make these events's also the guests! Find out more about us, our series and our own music at our Distilled Spirits site

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