Bob Franke


Sailing Into Song House Concerts

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Saturday, June 15th, 2019
Doors open: 06:00 PM
Start time: 07:00 PM

Bob Franke

Sailing Into Song House Concerts
NEWTON, 02465
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About The Show:

Suggested Donation: $25

Doors Open and Pot Luck starts at 6:00 PM

Plenty of on-street parking.

Front door is actually on Right Side of House!

Bob Franke:

"I always think of Bob Franke as if Emerson and Thoreau had picked up acoustic guitars and gotten into songwriting." - Tom Paxton, songwriter

"Bob Franke writes the kind of songs that will still be sung a hundred years from now." - Christine Lavin, songwriter

How do you measure a hit song? In the pop world, it's easy: you count how high it got on the charts, how many units it sold. In folk music, it's more complicated. You ask how far it's traveled, how long it's las...

Sailing Into Song House Concerts

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I've been an active folk music fan for 50+ years. Recently moved into an apartment in a Senior Community with a wonderful open living room/dining room just perfect for an intimate house with space for a house concert. I expect to do 5 concerts a year, with a primary focus on folk music singer/songwriters, possibly some rhythm and Blues