$55 Off the Annual Rate
Some of our artists
Before the discount, annual membership to ConcertsInYourHome is $400.
(Why so little?)

For a limited time, if your application is approved, you can join for $345/yr or for $245 for 6 months.

To make sure you have a good chance at success with us, we start with a $45 audition process (returning members pay only $25). You get detailed feedback about your promotional materials from our CIYH staff and active house concert hosts. Many artists use this information to improve their materials before joining and get more gigs as a result. (Audition fee?)

Are you a great fit for our community? If so, please send us three links.

!! This section is important. 25% of applicants fail to follow these instructions. !!

Hosts want to see compelling live video with artists engaging the audience. They book artists who have a professional website, touring plans and experience, and paid headliner gigs at respected listening rooms.

  • Link 1: Your own music website, not a Reverbnation or Facebook page. (examples: www.hansyork.com, www.kirasmall.com, etc.)
  • Links 2,3: Video of your live performances. Show us original* songs without distractions (no noisy bar performances). Links should load a LIVE (not sync) video of a full song at YouTube/Vimeo. Both videos should be performed by the act's touring personnel so that our hosts will have appropriate expectations. One of your two live videos may be a montage. See video examples. | See instructions for evaluators.

Introduce yourself now.

* if you play traditional songs, that's fine, but if you can show at least one great original song, it might help broaden your appeal to our community.

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