Aireene Espiritu

Aireene Espiritu

“Espiritu’s penchant for songs that sound like they came off a 78 rpm record, listeners will be swept away.” - Good Times Weekly, Santa Cruz CA

"Espiritu’s vocal range tells the story, eliciting the invincibility of a young Dolly Parton and blue-collar work ethic of Loretta Lynn." - Adam Joseph, Monterey County Weekly


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September, 2018 - "Alternating between her guitar and tenor ukulele, Aireene played one extended set that flowed between her own compositions and inspirations from Sugar Pie DeSanto to Big Jay Neely. She treated everyone in the audience like a friend being welcomed...

Aireene Espiritu

Aireene Espiritu

Member since: 2011-07-20
Home: Oakland, CA, US
Frequently Tours: Nationwide, Europe
# of Members: 3 or more
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Tenor ukulele, Guitar
Other Instruments: Bass, Guitar, Mandolin
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Blues, Americana
Style: Varied
Rating: G - PG


Los Angeles Times, Jonny Whiteside
“Folk singer-songwriter Aireene Espiritu works in the elemental substance of vernacular American music with an uncanny ease. Whether blues, hillbilly, soul, folk or R&B...demonstrates masterly command of each. Her original compositions mix deft lyrical construction and classic form just as impressively...An authentic, authoritative vocalist and with distinctly sensitive manner of phrasing...”

Aireene is a singer-songwriter based in Oakland, CA, ...

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