Anne E. DeChant

Anne E. DeChant

“Great songs, amazing energy, brilliant stage presence. Don't miss her!”
Si Kahn, Blue Ridge H.O.F.

“A passionate prophetess who has come in from the wild, rough edges intact, & ready to rock”-No Depression

“There is honesty, openness & tough-minded decency in the hands, heart & voice of Anne E. DeChant” Peter Cooper, Country Music Hall of Fame

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February, 2020 - "We had a great evening with these talented musicians. Great stories and well written and well chosen songs. Anne E. is a great communicator and captivated the audience with her personality. Some guests said it is the best concert we have had. A go...

Anne E. DeChant

Anne E. DeChant

Member since: 2018-01-13
Home: Nashville, TN, US
Frequently Tours: Ohio, East TN, NC, Florida
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Acoustic guitar
Other Instruments: Ukulele, cajon
Genre: Americana, Folk-Rock
Style: Upbeat ,a touch of gorgeous ballads
Content: Passionate storyfilled journey
Rating: G - PG


Anne E. DeChant is a dynamic, compelling performer, selected the local artist at Lilith Fair in Cleveland in 1999, she has performed with Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Don Henry, and Travis Meadows. Her commanding voice and perfectly nuanced delivery move the listener from one world to another with mesmerizing effect. She has delivered stand out shows in venues ranging from storied rooms like the Bluebird Café and The Bitter End, to The Alabama Country Music and Rock and Roll Ha...

Trying to fill these important dates

OH,KY/US: Mar, 2020 (dates: l) - Available most dates in March, and would love to play for you.

TN,KY/US: Apr, 2020 (dates: 4/3 - 4/9) - This is my home region and I'd love to play for you. Write to me and we can talk about these or other dates. I'm right around the corner.
Live Studio Recording - Train

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