Avi Wisnia

Avi Wisnia

“Avi Wisnia represents the best in the singer-songwriter genre: a great voice, an exciting stage presence, and great songs. He plays piano like he was born to it.” - The Folk Project Concert Series NJ

"Completely Refreshing. Startlingly Clever. Lyrically brilliant." - Alyssa Rashbaum (music critic for SPIN Magazine)

"Rabbit Hole" New Hope PA House Concert


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March, 2024 - "I love everything about Avi! He had such a great rapport with the audience and made everyone feel happy! Played a variety of beautiful music with great stories mixed in. I would have him play again any time with much pleasure. He’s a talented man."...

Avi Wisnia

Avi Wisnia

Member since: 2011-11-28
Home: Philadelphia, PA, US
Frequently Tours: East Coast, MidWest, & California
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Piano
Other Instruments: Guitar, Melodica, Kazoo
Genre: Singer-Songwriter/Folk/Jazz/Pop
Style: Groovy and cheerful storyteller
Content: Mainstream and Witty
Rating: G - PG


Think James Taylor meets Norah Jones, if they had a lovechild in Brazil.

Award-winning Philadelphia songwriter Avi Wisnia presents an eclectic mix of refreshingly original songs and inventive covers, finding inspiration in Brazilian bossa nova, acoustic American folk, 1950’s west-coast jazz, and contemporary piano pop. Avi's clever lyrics and eclectic influences cast a wide net of sophisticated appeal, while his smooth vocals and deft keyboard skills assure you that this artist is truly Som...

Trying to fill these important dates

MA,NY,PA/US: Aug, 2024 (dates: any) - looking to do house concerts while on tour in the area

FL,AL,GA/US: Jan, 2025 (dates: all) - looking to do house concerts while on tour in area, anywhere between Miami and Orlando
"Come Home To" The Barn Live

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