Carroll Brown

Carroll Brown

Carroll is a true original. He is the consummate performer, strong in all phases. Carroll's guitar style is unique, it's hard to believe it's just one man playing guitar. As an entertainer, Carroll is a natural talent whose sparkling wit shines through. His song introductions are just as entertaining as his songs.
Michael Corbett, radio host

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Carroll Brown

Carroll Brown

Member since: 2019-08-22
Home: Elgin, SC, US
Frequently Tours: NC, SC, GA & FL
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Other Instruments: no
Genre: songwriter Americana & vintage country
Style: Upbeat lively paced
Content: Mainstream comedic
Rating: G


Raised on a farm in rural South Carolina, first music influences were church music and what he could pick up from the night time radio. His mother was the church pianist and taught him his first chords on the guitar. His first performances were playing guitar and singing in his pre-teen years in his home church.
That would give way to Jim Croce and James Taylor as he entered college. The first paying jobs were to pay for the tuition but would pave the way for his life’s work. His colleg...
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