Curtis & Loretta

Curtis & Loretta

"....their poignant lyrics make the traditional song forms hum. Simonet's vocals are heartrendingly lovely ... both musicians know their way around a slew of instruments and styles." ... The A List, City Pages

"People emerge from Curtis & Loretta shows with tears of laughter as well as poignancy on their cheeks."…The Columbian, Vancouver, WA

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August, 2018 - "Delightful (and self-sufficient) house guests. They even brought their own food & shared it with me. As for their music - oh my. They're PROS! Crowd pleasers. Entertainers - and much more. Great voices. Great instrumentalists. Loretta's lyrics...

Curtis & Loretta

Curtis & Loretta

Member since: 2018-06-25
Home: Minneapolis, MN, US
Frequently Tours: Midwest, West & East Coasts, South
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitars
Other Instruments: Harp, mandocello, banjo, uke
Genre: Folk singer/songwriter
Style: Varied Traditional sound
Content: Mainstream Storytelling
Rating: G


-- 2018 Finalist, Songwriting Contest, Tumbleweed Music Festival, Richland, WA (Loretta)

-- Best Acoustic Performers of the Twin Cities - City Pages

-- Arts Tour Minnesota Grant (2018 and 2010), Artist Initiative Grant (2015) - Awarded by MN State Arts Board

Curtis & Loretta’s music comes straight from the heart. The husband and wife duo’s extraordinary harmonies and proficiency on a parade of stringed instruments create an alluring frame for their poignant original songs, and...

Trying to fill these important dates

MN,WI,IA/US: Nov, 2019 (dates: Nov 1, 2, 16) - Looking for Nov 16 in central or northern MN (we're in New York Mills on Nov 15).

WI,IL/US: Feb, 2020 (dates: 20) - Looking for house concert or other venue in southern Wisconsin or northern Illinois (we're in Chicago Feb 21)
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