Dan Weber

Dan Weber

“Guthrie-esque and reminiscent of early John Prine”-Fatea Magazine, UK.”

“After just 2 songs I said to my husband ‘Oh yeah, this guy's got it!”-Flying Cat House Concerts

“A rare combination of wit, emotion and vivid, Harry Chapin-esque imagery.”-The Sun Chronicle

“I love Dan’s songs & he tells really good stories.”-Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

Introducing Dan Weber


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September, 2019 - "I think two standing ovations says it all! We had a great time listening to Dan. He is a thoughtful and sincere songwriter with a great stage presence. Very entertaining! Dan brought Maureen flowers to the show. How thoughtful! He was a gracious ...

Dan Weber

Dan Weber

Member since: 2012-07-09
Home: Vancouver, WA, US
Frequently Tours: Midwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, OK, TX
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Please Inquire
Main Instrument: Vocals, 1968 Gibson B-25 Acoustic
Other Instruments: N/A
Genre: Folk/Americana/Country
Style: Upbeat & Great Stories btwn the Songs
Content: Mainstream & Uplifting Songs
Rating: G


The 2019 Woody Guthrie Songwriting Contest winner Dan Weber has been described as “The Classic Mid-Life Overnight Sensation” after bursting onto the festival scene in 2010 to a standing ovation at the Sisters Folk Festival for his engaging set in the Dave Carter songwriting contest. Since then he’s toured extensively across the country becoming a rare 3 time finalist in the legendary Kerrville ‘New Folk’ competition, won the Woody Guthrie songwriting contest for his moving 'Ever Since Columbine'...

Trying to fill these important dates

MA,NY,CT/US: Mar, 2020 (dates: March 19/20/22) - Award Winning Songwriter Dan Weber is available March 19th, 20th & 22nd!

MI,OH,PA/US: Mar, 2020 (dates: March 22nd-29th) - Award Winning Songwriter Dan Weber is available March 22nd-29th!
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