David G Smith

David G Smith

Like John Prine & Guy Clark, David's songs capture the drama & good times, the laughter & loss that are the components of the modern world-ICON Mag [Smith] comes across with the same sort of weathered resolve that best exemplifies fellow travelers like Kristofferson & Van Zandt-No Depression Okay, you made me cry-Larry Wines, Tied To The Tracks

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Recommendations from hosts (5)

November, 2019 - "This is the 2nd time I've hosted David and his performance did not let us down. Always the professional, very personable and a great house guest as well. I highly recommend him!"
(A. Georgopoulos)


David G Smith

David G Smith

Member since: 2014-04-14
Home: Blue Grass, IA, US
Frequently Tours: USA
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitars, Resonator
Other Instruments: Keyboard
Genre: Folk, Americana, Blues, Acoustic
Style: Upbeat
Content: Dirt Funk to Intimate
Rating: G


"David thrilled us with his tales of his life and songs. I recommend you book this gentle man into your home."
(B. Amidon)

"David is a poet/singer/songwriter that is one the best I have had in my Saltydog Concert Series." R. Malone

"David was a soulful and engaged performer!" B. Melendez

Note from David: The most important thing I want to relay is: I have worked both sides of the House Concert fence--as a host and as a performer. I know what it takes to have a successful event not ju...

Trying to fill these important dates

IA/US: Aug, 2020 (dates: Open) - This is our home region and we'd love to play for you.

IA/US: Sep, 2020 (dates: Open) - This is our home region and we'd love to play for you.
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