David G Smith

David G Smith
Acoustic Lyric-Driven

Host/Venue Recommendations: 5

Member since: 2014-04-14
Home: Blue Grass, IA, US
Frequently Tours: USA
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitars,Resonator
Other Instruments: Keyboard
Genre: Folk, Americana, Blues, Acoustic
Style: Upbeat Mellow
Content: Dirt Funk to Intimate
Rating: G - PG

David G Smith
David G Smith


The Edge
One House
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[Smith] comes across with the weathered resolve that best exemplifies fellow travelers like Kris Kristofferson & Townes Van Zandt -No Depression

His live performances command your attention; heart felt & honest. -Kate Benson/Talent Buyer:Redstone Room

Wonderful music! -Mary Gauthier

Cool. Confident. -Elmore Magazine

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Recommendations from hosts

August, 2018 - "David thrilled us with his tales of his life and songs. We not only loved his lyrics, but his information about where he had been and what he has done. His easy manner had our attention for hours. The train never flustered his performance, and there...


The most important thing I want to relay is: I have worked both sides of the House Concert fence--as a host and as a performer. I know what it takes to have a successful event not just for the performer but for all involved. My music and persona are custom tailored for the more intimate setting a house concert offers. Where you come together and engage in a wonderful conversation of song, food, drink, and fellowship. Some of the best events I've played have had only 6-7 people in the audience wh...

Trying to fill these important dates

CO,NM,AZ/US: Sep, 2019 (dates: Sept 19-Oct 5) - Last half of Sept thru Oct 5. Touring for new release: Who Cares! Duet with Mary Gauthier.

NE,IA,KS/US: Sep, 2019 (dates: Sept 19, 20, 21) - Touring for new release: Who Cares! Duet with Mary Gauthier.

Doesn't Take Much Light: PBS Performance


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