Ellisa Sun

Ellisa Sun
Heartfelt textured soul

Host/Venue Recommendations: 6

Member since: 2018-05-17
Home: Oakland, CA, US
Frequently Tours: Touring Nationally
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: Cajon
Genre: singer/songwriter, soul, jazz
Style: Mellow soulful
Content: Mainstream
Rating: PG - R

Ellisa Sun
Ellisa Sun


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Sun commands the room. Her voice is pretty, but that prettiness is overshadowed by its strength. It was practically athletic; a Ronda Rousey of vocals - The Bay Bridged

Ellisa Sun is a force of nature - KFOG

Give her one quick listen and it becomes very clear – Ellisa Sun is something special - indiebandguru

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Recommendations from hosts

June, 2019 - "Ellisa Sun and her partner put on a captivating show, keeping the audience's attention throughout the night with stories about her songs. Her sound and songs were the prettiest tender sounds I have heard. Very talented young lady that exudes excellenc...


Ellisa Sun is a “force of nature” (KFOG). She cuts out her heart and leaves it all on stage - which is why she never wears white.

Raised in the City of Angels, Ellisa migrated north and found a home in Oakland’s creative scene, where she wrangled a seven-piece band to play her music. Her sound is heartfelt, honest, and textured, combining elements of R&B, bossanova, and soul. Comparisons to artists such as Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, and Norah Jones come naturally.

Ellisa released ...


Trying to fill these important dates

MT,SD/US: Jul, 2019 (dates: Jun 23 - Jul 2) - MT from 6/20-6/23. SD from 6/23-7/2

MN,WI,IL/US: Jul, 2019 (dates: July) - Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago

Old Flame: Live at the Music Space


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