Geneviève Racette

Geneviève Racette

“The artist bears her heart going from strength to strength” -ROLLING STONE

“Strong enough to turn the tides” -EXCLAIM!

“Fantastic Artist” -SIRIUS XM

“The intimate track is sure to get you emotional, with soft guitars and delicate harmonies” -INDIE88

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January, 2023 - "Geneviève has a beautiful voice, songs of love and loss, and plays guitar well. She connected with our audience of mixed ages and we all had a lovely show. She and her boyfriend were friendly and pleasant house guests, appreciative of our hospital...

Geneviève Racette

Geneviève Racette

Member since: 2022-07-19
Home: Montreal, QC, CA
Frequently Tours: yes
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitare
Other Instruments:
Genre: Folk/pop
Style: Mellow
Content: Mainstream
Rating: G


Nationally renowned Québécois folk-pop musician, Geneviève Racette, has captivated

listeners with her gentle, yet compelling, emotional resonance, and garnered impressive

industry support for her folk-pop tracks ever since her first EP in 2014. Through her

vulnerable lyricism and ethereal vocals, Geneviève has emerged as a rising star in both

French and English-speaking Canadian music scenes.

Satellite, Geneviève's third full-length record (March 2022), is a 9-song collecti...

Trying to fill these important dates

ME,NH,MA/US: Aug, 2023 (dates: Aug-Sept 2023) - Touring on the East Coast in August and September 2023
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