Jefferson Ross

Jefferson Ross

"Jefferson Ross is a modern day mystic, a folk artist, a man driven by the power of the written word, the beauty of melody, the poetry of images and the ever ambient allure of the South.
Listen to him!"
– Thomm Jutz, Nashville, TN

"Lyrically, Jefferson Ross is a genius."
-Duncan Warwick, CMP Magazine (UK)



Jefferson Ross

Jefferson Ross

Member since:
Home: Atlanta, GA, US
Frequently Tours: Wherever you want me to be.
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: Mandolin, Banjo, Resonator
Genre: Southern Folk/Country Blues/Singer-Songwriter
Style: Mellow Vibey
Content: Mainstream lyric driven
Rating: G


Southern folk artist, Jefferson Ross, is a songwriter, singer, guitar slinger and painter weaving stories for the ears and the eyes. Based in The Peach State, Jefferson travels throughout the U.S. and Europe performing his original music and sharing his art.

Trying to fill these important dates

TX,LA,AR/US: Sep, 2023 (dates: all dates) - I'm finally gearing back up after Covid. I'd love to play your room!

GA,FL,NC/US: Sep, 2023 (dates: all dates) - My September is pretty open. I'd love to play your room!
Baptize the Gumbo

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