Jim Scott
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intellegent, inspiring, funny

Member since: 2016-01-19
Home: Shrewsbury, MA, US
Frequently Tours: Nationwide US, Canada, Europe
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: many (not in performance)
Genre: Singer/songwriter, folk/jazz
Style: Varied world music influences
Content: Political observing the human condition
Rating: G - PG

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"Some kind of a magician." Pete Seeger

"His music sings of the life spirit." Paul Winter

"I nominate 'A Song for the Earth' as the anthem for the entire environmental movement." Les Line, Audubon Magazine

"Jim has the magical ability to reduce any size audience to an intimate gathering." Register Guard Newspaper, Eugene OR

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Jim Scott - Composer, Guitarist, Singer, Activist

Jim brings a warmth and authenticity that turns any size audience into an intimate gathering. With lyrical melodies, well-crafted words, guitar mastery and humorous surprises, he invites all to get involved with the songs and ideals he raises. Honed through his years with the Paul Winter Consort and world travels as a soloist, Jim’s enchanting manner and conviction moved folk legend Pete Seeger to call him “Some kind of magician.” Jim has ...


Jim Scott solo performances

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