Kristin Center

Kristin Center

"You're as talented as a musician as you are beautiful as a person. Amazing presentation, style, and rhythm; a lot of fun to listen to and talented play of words as well."
-YT Fan

"Never heard anything like this before and I have been a musician for 35 yrs."
-B. Bassman

"It's rare that I come across music that gives me a lump in my throat.

Don't Comfort Me


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November, 2018 - "Kristin Center gave a wonderful concert at our house. What stands out first are her amazing, virtuoso piano skills, giving life to music that ranges from delicate melodies to passionate songs, but that's just the start of her concert. Kristin is a...

Kristin Center

Kristin Center

Member since: 2015-03-26
Home: Santa Monica, CA, US
Frequently Tours: West Coast
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Piano
Other Instruments: Various uses of piano (perc.)
Genre: Alternative Singer-songwriter
Style: Varied -Very Slow to Very Fast!
Content: Think Music- Self Reflection
Rating: G - PG


Kristin Center (born August 8, Cambridge, MA) is an American fusion singer-songwriter, concert pianist, record producer, audio engineer and contemporary composer whose electro-acoustic style incorporates elements of blues, Afro-Cuban jazz, reggae, funk, classical and R&B with a fierce lyrical message of open your mind.

Studying solo classical piano since age 5, she made her first public performance at age 6 in Seattle, Washington and since then has pursued a rigorous academic, creative, and ...

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