Lauren Pratt

Lauren Pratt

"A voice like Odetta... it resonates at a deep place in a person's soul." - Patty Griffin (Musician)

FreshGrass performance 2018


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August, 2019 - "Lauren played our first listening room network and was not surprisingly asked for an encore. Our guests were all taken in by her voice, thoughtfully written songs, smile, and honesty. She engaged with everyone, gave her all in a wonderful performanc...

Lauren Pratt

Lauren Pratt

Member since: 2019-06-25
Home: Somerville, MA, US
Frequently Tours: New England
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: foot tambourine
Genre: Americana Folk
Style: Mellow
Rating: G - PG


Lauren Pratt is an award-winning Americana Folk Singer-songwriter based in Boston, Massachusetts. Her debut album Days Like Tonight (2015) was quickly followed by a live acoustic EP "Live at Monster Studios" (2016). Her distinctive alto voice and fingerstyle guitar couple with ballad-heavy songwriting make Lauren hard to pass by. She is currently in a graduate program studying Expressive arts therapy in Mental health counseling at Lesley University. Her sophomore studio album, Young American Syc...

Trying to fill these important dates

MA,RI,CT/US: Jan, 2020 (dates: 01/2020) - Seeking booking for New England

MA,NH,ME/US: Feb, 2020 (dates: 02/2020) - Seeking booking for New England

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