Mike Borgia

Mike Borgia

Mike went from where I remember him in a loud band, to controlled chaos in the most genuine way. He has a lot of charm and professionalism need for this setting and his voice is outstanding!.
Ryan C. -Hex Records

Remember- Live in TN


Mike Borgia

Mike Borgia

Member since: 2022-07-07
Home: New York, NY, US
Frequently Tours: Yes
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Vocals
Other Instruments: guitar
Genre: Blues, rock, Americana
Style: Varied Acoustic
Content: Life stories
Rating: G - PG


Mike Borgia is an Italian American singer-songwriter with over two decades of experience as a professional musician and performer. Born in New York, Mike spent his teens playing clubs as guitarist and backup singer in a progressive metal band. His style slowly evolved to include other genres, notably punk and indie rock, and from 1990s into the early 2000s he fronted the popular indie rock band “Tread.” In 2001 Mike embarked on a solo career and over the next decade performed several tours o...

Trying to fill these important dates

NC,GA,SC/US: Oct, 2022 (dates: 6-9 and 20-23) - avails range from oct 6-9 to Oct 20-23. Always open to ideas and challenges.

NH,MD,RI/US: Nov, 2022 (dates: 4-6, 10-13) - availability flexible. Nov 4,5,6 and 10,11,12,13

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