Missy Andersen & Her One Man Band

Missy Andersen & Her One Man Band
Soul fueled Blues

Host/Venue Recommendations: 4

Member since: 2017-05-18
Home: Silver City, NM, US
Frequently Tours: US and some Europe
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitar
Other Instruments: n/a
Genre: Soul Americana Blues
Style: Groovy Soulful
Content: Mainstream
Rating: G

Missy Andersen & Her One Man Band
Missy Andersen & Her One Man Band


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"Wow, by the end of the evening you will be debating what the best part of the show was: Missy's earthy raw vocals or Heine's guitar virtuosity. In the end you will agree the sum is much greater than the parts. For us, their show was a highlight of our hosting career. They have excellent stage presence and engagement with the audience." ~ P. Kane
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Recommendations from hosts

July, 2019 - "What can I say? Missy and Heine were fabulous! Just a great, fun night of blues and soul, stories and laughs, terrific vocals by Missy and outstanding guitar work by Heine. Not to mention what wonderful people they both were. Before, during the...


Missy Andersen and her accompanist/husband, Heine Andersen, love what they do. Keeping a heavy touring schedule, the tenacious twosome performs as a duo which showcases the coupleís individual and combined talents. In the absence of other instruments, listeners find a greater appreciation for Missyís gospel-tinged vocals and Heineís Blues & Americana inspired guitar work.

A charismatic performer known for her expressive and earthy vocals, Missy Andersen received the coveted Blues Music Aw...


Trying to fill these important dates

CA,OR/US: Aug, 2019 (dates: 8, 9, 11, 13-15) - Northern California, Oregon, and Washington

CO,NM,AZ/US: Sep, 2019 (dates: 21-28) - Four Corners and vicinity

Missy Andersen - Reach Out

Missy Andersen Duo - Coda Conc

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