“The melodic, almost haunting sounds of contemporary bluegrass/folk band Passerine could easily be the theme music for a biopic of Sarasota. Its blossoming arts scene, the modern bluesy tunes that creep down narrow roads and out of cafes mix well with the weeping moss on the trees and the free running miles of beach, sand and water." Linda Day, SRQ

Live at Sendesaal, Bremen, Germany.


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June, 2024 - "Passerine is one of our favorites and we never tire of their fantastic shows. All four of them excel at their craft. The audience loved them. One comment “This is music that makes you smile." Professional pre show communication. They live right u...



Member since: 2012-12-31
Home: Sarasota, FL, US

# of Members: 3 or more
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar, dobro, fiddle, bass
Other Instruments: mandolin, hand percussion
Genre: Folk, singer/songwriter, Americana, bluegrass
Style: Varied
Rating: G


Founded in 2009, Passerine has been featured at music festivals has been touring nationally since 2012, playing every sort of venue from intimate listening rooms to big festival stages. Their music occupies a zone somewhere between modern folk, progressive bluegrass, and what is loosely called “Americana.” With original songs as well as their own arrangements of traditional songs, Passerine hopes to carry on the living tradition of acoustic folk music rooted in popular experience, memory, an...
"Fish." Live at Burnt Orange

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