Peter Mulvey

Peter Mulvey

“Peter Mulvey is consistently the most original and dynamic of the US singer-songwriters to tour these shores. A phenomenal performer with huge energy, a quick fire, quirky take on life, and an extraordinary guitar style. A joy to see.” - The Irish Times

If Love is Not Enough


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August, 2023 - "As always, Peter Mulvey put on another great performance during his encore show at Our House Concerts. In addition to some of his best songs, he played several new ones that were well received by our audienace members. He is a real pro and someone w...

Peter Mulvey

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Peter Mulvey, a veteran singer and songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mulvey is an iconoclast within the singer/songwriter world. Restless and inventive, he has made 20 records, spanning rock and roll, folk, Jazz, spoken word, and Americana. Mulvey continues to tour, playing over a hundred shows a year as he has for the past 25 years. This is the core of what he does: music, in a room, performed for a live audience.

“Peter Mulvey is consistently the most original and...
Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

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