Ruth Wyand

Ruth Wyand

Her picking style, bottleneck slide, powerful vocals are a treat you won’t want to miss - Grady Ormsby SERFA,Down East Folk Club

A dynamic fingerstyle & slide guitarist with a songwriting style where John Hiatt meets Memphis Minnie - Jesse Finkelstein Int'l Blues Radio

Her music reflects the true soul & origins of American Roots Music - WVOD PRI

Knee Deep In Doubt (Live @Film Noir))


Recommendations from hosts (4)

July, 2023 - "Ruth was a total pro, easy to spend time with, highly skilled. Great performance."
(J. Stevens)

March, 2023 - "Fun, lively, and a fabulous entertainer. Ruth has stories, w...

Ruth Wyand

Ruth Wyand

Member since: 2021-08-14
Home: Kill Devil Hills NC, NC, US
Frequently Tours: US, New Zealand,Florida, Midwest
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: slide guitar
Genre: Acoustic Roots, Americana - folk,blues,jazz
Style: Varied folk,blues,jazz
Content: Mainstream great stories
Rating: G


Ruth Wyand - All styles of American Roots Music (Americana, Folk, Blues, Jazz)
Being diversified is Ruth Wyand’s specialty. Demonstrating guitar virtuosity with powerful fingerpicking, bottleneck slide and a warm alto voice Ruth plays a mix of Americana, jazz, blues, folk, country with a portion of Piedmont picking and bluegrass clawhammer thrown in.

Her songwriting is universal, using a melting pot of styles with lyrics that are timeless, relatable, emotionally resonant, sometimes witt...

Trying to fill these important dates

MO,MN,WI/US: Oct, 2023 (dates: 2023) - I'll be heading to FARM in Oct and looking to book in the Midwest for October & November of 2023.

FL,GA,SC/US: Apr, 2024 (dates: March & April) - Looking to fill dates in NC, SC, GA, AL, and FL
Youtube Playlist of a variety

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