Sara and Kenny

Sara and Kenny

"Fantastic, original and inspiring music from two astonishingly gifted musicians." - Tony Moore, Soho Radio London
"...a sweet rapport with nothing more than their expressive voices and guitars." - Piet Levy, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Italy meets Wisconsin, and makes beautiful music." - Bonnie North, WUWM NPR Milwaukee



Recommendations from hosts (14)

November, 2019 - "Excellent show with great music and interaction with the audience."
(J. Lindfors)

June, 2019 - "This was our first outdoor concert of the year and what an amazing night...

Sara and Kenny

Sara and Kenny


Member since: 2017-10-16
Home: Brookfield, WI, US
Frequently Tours: United States, Europe
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Other Instruments: Ukulele
Genre: Folk, Jazz, Italian, Classical, Latin
Style: Mellow
Rating: G


Italy meets Wisconsin, classical meets jazz, exploring songwriting as a couple.

When Italian Sara d'Ippolito met American Kenny Reichert in Milwaukee, WI, they immediately realized they shared more than their love of music. After falling in love, the now married couple started writing songs together. Based between Berlin (Germany) and Milwaukee (USA), Sara and Kenny are composers, educators, and multi-instrumentalists. Their music is a unique blend of intricate harmonies, jazz, folk, classica...
Per Quel Che Vale

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