Will Dailey

Will Dailey

"His songwriting is just incredible and it’s had a real impact on me.”
Eddie Vedder

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Will Dailey

Will Dailey

Member since: 2021-04-25
Home: Newton, MA, US
Frequently Tours: 100 shows per year
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar and voice.
Other Instruments: Piano, Harmonica
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Rock, Indie
Style: Varied Soulful, vintage folk-rock
Content: Mainstream
Rating: PG - R


Will Dailey has built a dynamic DIY career as an acclaimed independent songwriter, recording artist, performer and artist advocate. Often described as a venn diagram of multiple genres with a rich vintage vibe channeled through his authentic and energetic performances, it inspired famed rock journalist Dan Aquilante to call him “the real deal”. Through his how label he as appeared on the top 20 on the national Billboard Heat Seeker chart twice and he’s won 8 Boston Music Awards including A...

Trying to fill these important dates

CT,NY,RI/US: Sep, 2021 (dates: 3,4,9,10) - Filling in gaps for short north east run before heading to west coast to play with Brandi Carlile

CA/US: Sep, 2021 (dates: 16,17,18,22,23) - On a west coast run to play Ohana Fest with Brandi Carlile, Pearl Jam and others. Looking for Bay Area (16,17,18)and southern California (22,23).
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