Carrie Clark

Carrie Clark

“Clark sings with fantastical imagery that rekindles a sense of savior and style reminiscent of Balkan Beat Box jamming with Gillian Welch." Glide Magazine

"Drawing on classic country, blues, jazz, and cabaret, [Clark] proves as refreshing yet tricky to pin down as Nellie McKay.” Kurt B. Reighley

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May, 2014 - "Our Mothers Day concert with Carrie Clark was the sweetest ever. How much do we love Carrie? This was the third time we’ve hosted her and we love her more than ever! The bond established between our audience of the mothers of mostly grown children an...

Carrie Clark

Carrie Clark

Member since: 2009-11-09
Home: Seattle, WA, US
Frequently Tours: WA, OR, CA, ID, AZ, NM, Western Europe
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, vocals/keyboard/guitar
Other Instruments: as duo:mandolin/accordian/bass
Genre: Americana, folk, rock, cabaret
Style: Varied americana cabaret sassafrass
Content: Mainstream songs about people for people
Rating: G - PG


NW vocalist and songwriter Carrie Clark and her band The Lonesome Lovers draw from the broad palettes of Americana, folk, and rock to craft their own distinct flavor of modern pop honkey-tonk. Much like the Salish Sea which they call home, their new LP, Split At The Seams is expansive, just a touch rugged, and undeniably beautiful.

"When she’s not warming your heart, Clark is serving up songs to relate to, like with her and the band’s latest album Split At The Seams, which came out earlie...

Trying to fill these important dates

WA,OR/US: Sep, 2022 (dates: 17,18,24,25) - Available for solo/duo concerts in Washington and Oregon July

Germany: Oct, 2022 (dates: 10-23) - Traveling as a trio with a new album to celebrate. Open dates 10, 11, 12, 17, 18 October

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