C. Daniel Boling

C. Daniel Boling

"Think of a subtle intermixture of Steve Goodman, John Prine and Tom Paxton." - Fred Schmale, Real Roots Café - Dutch magazine/website

"One of the most talented songwriters on the circuit!"
- Donna & Kelly / Still on the Hill

"One of my favorite songwriters." - Legendary Texas ballad writer Tim Henderson

2014 Winner's Concert - Kerrville Folk Festival


Recommendations from hosts (32)

May, 2019 - "Daniel is another return performer. He is masterful in guitar, banjo, banjatar, and vocals. He did a great job adapting his songs to the audience that we drew, which was a majority of Spanish speakers. He did a great job in communicating with me pre...

C. Daniel Boling

C. Daniel Boling

Member since: 2009-02-21
Home: Albuquerque, NM, US
Frequently Tours: All U.S. + Europe, Canada, New Zealand
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitar, banjo & banjitar
Other Instruments: harmonica
Genre: Folk, Balladeer/Songwriter
Style: Varied Original, Folk, Balladeer
Content: Mainstream All ages
Rating: G


2014 Winner - Kerrville New Folk songwriter contest

2016 CD on 1st round GRAMMY Ballot as "Best Folk Album"

1st Place Songwriter - Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

C. Daniel Boling

With a friendly tenor and engaging stage presence, Daniel brings his well-crafted story songs to lucky audiences in over one hundred shows a year coast-to-coast an...

Trying to fill these important dates

FL/US: Feb, 2020 (dates: Feb & March) - Seeking listening rooms throughout Florida.

FL,AL,GA/US: Feb, 2020 (dates: 9th-22nd) - Filling dates between 10th in St. Petersburg, FL and 23rd in Orlando, FL

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