Crowes Pasture

Crowes Pasture

"Crowes Pasture was wonderful. Their music has beautiful harmonies. It was an extremely enjoyable contemporary folk music concert. Our library patrons raved about the duo. Monique and Andy are a must have. You won't be disappointed."
-Denise (Librarian from the Richard Sugden Library Spencer, MA)



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June, 2024 - "A very happy and packed house indeed! The honesty in their music can be poignant and uplifting, both at the same time. Andy and Monique’s repartee and warmth combined with their exquisite harmonies, poetic song-writing, and with a banjo and guitar t...

Crowes Pasture

Crowes Pasture

Member since: 2022-07-25
Home: Topsfield, MA, US
Frequently Tours: New England, Florida, Mid-Atlantic
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Banjo and Guitar
Other Instruments:
Genre: Folk/Americana
Style: Varied intimate
Content: Mainstream inspirational
Rating: G - PG


Crowes Pasture is “a duo that’s rurally expressive & has a genuine instinctive unifying feel . . . a wholly vintage vocal parfait.”
-John Apice, Americana Highways

As Crowes Pasture, partners Monique Byrne and Andy Rogovin spin their soprano and tenor voices into gossamer harmonies, then weave them into delicately textured arrangements featuring his guitar and her clawhammer banjo. Monique Byrne and Andy Rogovin perform moving and inspirational songs that are sometimes joyful, sometim...

Trying to fill these important dates

VT,NH,MA/US: Jul, 2024 (dates: 7/1-8/30 2024) - Touring New England

CA/US: Sep, 2024 (dates: 9/5-9/15) - Touring between Los Angeles and San Francisco
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