Doug Spears - Florida's Native Troubadour

Doug Spears - Florida

"Great songs combined with fine play and entertaining, informative patter makes Doug a sure-fire success with any audience."

Hank Weisman, Savannah Folk Music Society, Savannah, GA

When the Hummingbirds Return


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February, 2018 - "Doug put on a very good show. He interacted well with our audience and was very entertaining. Doug is a very well polished and professional musician."
(S. Nagys)

November, 2017...

Doug Spears - Florida

Doug Spears - Florida

Member since: 2006-06-27
Home: Orlando, FL, US
Frequently Tours: Southeast, Midwest, Texas, Mid-Atlantic
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments:
Genre: Folk, Americana
Style: Varied Lyric driven with a groove
Content: Mainstream It's about the story
Rating: G - PG


Doug Spears – Florida’s Native Troubadour

With sand in his boots and orange blossom honey in his throat Doug Spears’ fourth generation native Florida roots flow through his music revealing the history, values and perspectives that define him. The finest blend of storyteller and musician, Doug’s songs reach out like long-forgotten picture postcards discovered on a rainy afternoon, subtly and artfully telling universal stories of complex characters in often difficult circumstances that ...
Hemingway's Hurricane

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