Firefall's Rick Roberts and Larry Burnett Songs and Stories Show


"An Evening with Firefall's Rick Roberts and Larry Burnett" and Don Côqayohômuwôk Chapman - Spire Center Plymouth The show was their thank you to fans for loving the music and included lots of wonderful stories about the where the songs came from, it was most interesting! Great to chat after the show, too. Dave Maida

"Cinderella" RR/LB/DC




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Home: Leesburg, VA, US
Frequently Tours: Monthly
# of Members: 3 or more
Sound Equipment: Please Inquire
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitars/vocals
Other Instruments: 12 string guitar
Genre: Acoustic singer/songwriters of major hits
Style: Mellow Firefall & Burrito Bros
Content: Mainstream singer/songwriter
Rating: G - PG


Rick Roberts is a 50-year veteran of the rock’n’roll wars. He began his recording career in 1970 with the Flying Burrito Brothers and was a major contributor to their last two albums. He went on to do two solo albums and then form the well-known band Firefall in 1974, with whom he played for seven years during their heyday. He has also been a member of Stephen Stills’ band and Linda Ronstadt’s band during his career, and has been awarded two platinum and four gold albums for his efforts....

Trying to fill these important dates

CO/US: Mar, 2020 (dates: 26-31) - Looking for multiple house concerts from Ft Collins down thru Co Springs & including Denver

PA,DE,MD/US: Apr, 2020 (dates: 1-30) - Seeking Mid-Atlantic shows for Larry/Don duo
LB "Fantastic Brown" story

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