ilyAIMY & Heather Aubrey Lloyd

ilyAIMY & Heather Aubrey Lloyd

"Voices this rich and emotionally hard-hitting don't come around often. Sing me the phone book - I'll ask for an encore."
- Pat Wictor (folk supergroup, Brother Sun)

“A welcome jolt in folk." - Rocky Mtn. Bullhorn (CO)
"An immensely powerful, soulful voice that refuses to be background music." - If It's Too Loud 2018 FreshGrass Review

Wilmington, NC House Concert Nov '19 - Watch in HD


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December, 2019 - "As one of our concert guests said - "fantastic concert with great music." A rather perfect description. Terrific musicians, engaging personalities, vibrant songs ranging from funny to touching and thought-provoking. The cello brought an added note...

ilyAIMY & Heather Aubrey Lloyd

ilyAIMY & Heather Aubrey Lloyd

Member since: 2017-09-05
Home: Owings Mills, MD, US
Frequently Tours: Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Other Instruments: cello, cajon
Genre: new folk, acoustic rock, singer songwriter
Style: Upbeat soulful
Content: Mainstream original
Rating: G


For more than 17 years, Baltimore-based Heather Aubrey Lloyd and Rob Hinkal have played everything from bait shops to clothing-optional resorts in 45 states. A full-service show, they engage audiences with laugh-out-loud stage banter, award-winning narrative songwriting and inventive instrumentation. As a duo, ilyAIMY pairs an unforgettably soulful, powerful female vocalist/hand percussionist with clawhammer-like guitar work that challenges the boundaries of acoustic. As a trio, the infectious e...
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