Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller
Singer-Songwriter/Looping Guitarist

Host/Venue Recommendations: 17

Member since: 2009-01-16
Home: Nashville, TN, US
Frequently Tours: Eastern US
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: Bass, Violin, Mandolin, Keys
Genre: Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
Style: Varied
Content: Mainstream
Rating: G - PG

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller


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"A total master of the loop/sampling pedal." -Adrian Bischoff, KZSU

"Great guitar tone and songwriting." -Phil Keaggy

"I don't know how he does what he's doing, but it's amazing." -Gary Burr, hit songwriter/member of Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band

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Recommendations from hosts

August, 2019 - "Jeff Miller is great artist and we're super happy he performed at our inaugural home concert! Our guests thoroughly enjoyed his music and Jeff also explained his technique to us. It's just wonderful to be able to experience this in your own home i...


Jeff Miller knew early on that music was in his blood. He started violin at five years old, and by eight was showing a serious aptitude for music. It wasn’t until he was fourteen, though, that he found his true calling – guitar. At that young age he pawned all of his video games, went down to the local music store, and bought a used Kramer guitar. Soon after, he added his first acoustic guitar – an Alvarez – to his collection. There was no looking back.

Jeff’s aptitude continued to grow th...


Trying to fill these important dates

KY,OH,IN/US: Sep, 2019 (dates: 9/18, 9/19) - 2019 Fall Tour

NY,PA,OH/US: Sep, 2019 (dates: Sept 24, 26, 30) - 2019 Fall Tour Western PA, Western NY, central to eastern OH, Northern WV

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