Jesse Terry

Jesse Terry

“Easy to compare Terry’s heritage and storytelling to that of Jackson Browne, James Taylor or Bruce Springsteen. A symphonic delight for the heart and soul.” 9/10 - AmericanaUK

"a force to be reckoned with" - John Platt WFUV / NYC

“Jesse deserves to be up there with the likes of James Taylor & Jackson Browne” - Paddy MacDee - BBC Radio Newcastle

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February, 2024 - "When I booked Jesse I knew we were going to hear some great music. But what I didn’t anticipate — and what really made the evening special — was the human being behind the music. Over 50+ shows, I have seldom seen a performer so quickly esta...

Jesse Terry

Jesse Terry


Member since: 2009-07-26
Home: Pawcatuck, CT, US
Frequently Tours: US, UK, IRL, EU, NZ, AUS
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, 12 String
Other Instruments: Banjo, Electric & Nylon String
Genre: Americana, Singer-Songwriter, Folk
Style: Varied Timeless
Content: Mainstream Storyteller
Rating: G - PG


"As a young artist, Terry would fit right in with the songwriters of the 1960s and ’70s. Listening to his music, it’s easy to imagine hearing his songs on the radio in between cuts by Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell."

"The melodies ring with instant accessibility and a clear connection, conveying a brilliance and clarity that most veteran artists still strive for… A wonderful album indeed." - No Depression

“…a gentle soul with a formidab...

Trying to fill these important dates

United Kingdom: Oct, 2025 (dates: Open) - Currently booking house concerts in the UK/IRL/EU for 2025! I travel with a great PA & play with a fantastic guitarist.

CT,MA,NJ/US: Nov, 2025 (dates: Open) - Currently booking house concerts in the Northeast & Mid/Atlantic for 2025! I travel with BOSE PA & a few gorgeous instruments. Let's make it happen!

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