Michael Reno Harrell

Michael Reno Harrell

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“Michael Reno Harrell writes like a jeweler might work on a watch; every piece has its place, every part is for a purpose, and the result is everything moves”

Live from the Cook Shack


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July, 2019 - "Michael is a master at his art. He weaves his stories with his songs and pulls you along with humor and down home wisdom. He is easy to work with and always very pleasant and accommodating to the audience. It was a pleasure having him at our performan...

Member since: 2009-03-24
Home: Morganton, NC, US
Frequently Tours: Southeast-Midwest-TX &across the country
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: Mandolin
Genre: Folk/Americana & Storytelling
Style: Varied
Content: Appalachian grit & wit & more!
Rating: G - PG


Michael Reno Harrell is an award winning songwriter, as well as a veteran storyteller and entertainer, and he's from the South, the Southern Appalachian Mountains to hone it a bit finer. One could compare Michael's performances to his granddaddy's pocket knife, well warn and familiar feeling, but razor sharp and with a point.

His brand of entertainment appeals to a very diverse audience. Michael's recordings top the Americana Music Association charts year after year. The songs he writes and ...

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NC/US: Mar, 2024 (dates: Open) - This is our home region and we'd love to play for you.

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