Reckless Saints

Reckless Saints

"We had our first full house with the Reckless Saints last night! Roy and Kim are just wonderful musicians, songwriting and entertainers! We love them and our audience does too! One couple took the next day off so they could attend the show! They are easy to work with, great guests and really nice people. I can't say enough good stuff about them. If you haven't seen them you should and if you haven't booked them you must!"
(T. Chara)

Subjugated Love


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May, 2024 - "Reckless Saints put on a great show, as usual. They are a pleasure to host and their songs often give one something to think about. Both Roy and Kim are proficient musicians and our guests enjoyed the interplay and interacting with them both. Roy an...

Reckless Saints

Reckless Saints

Member since: 2008-11-18
Home: Fort Myers, FL, US
Frequently Tours: All of USA (Southeast & Midwest most)
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Other Instruments: Electric guitar, percussion
Genre: Americana, Reckless Folk
Style: Varied Harmonious
Content: Thoughtful
Rating: G - PG


Reckless Saints founder Roy Schneider and his partner in music & love, Kim Mayfield, spent almost 12 years on the road before COVID. Roy is a 3 time Kerrville NewFolk finalist, and in the 'most unusual gig ever' category, was a contestant on season 5 of NBC's 'The Voice.'

Their upcoming (April 2023) release will be the first as Reckless Saints, (prior cds were released by Roy Schneider,) and is titled ‘Blue Twangled Folk ‘n’ Roll.’ The title is also the genre name Roy invented to a...
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