Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield
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Blue twangled Folk&Roll

Host/Venue Recommendations: 19

Member since: 2008-11-18
Home: Fort Myers, FL, US
Frequently Tours: All of USA (Southeast & Midwest most)
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin
Other Instruments: Baritone Uke, Electric guitar
Genre: Americana, Folk, Singer/Songwriter
Style: Varied
Rating: G - PG

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"Schneider and Mayfield definitely brought down the house when they played their wonderful songs to a completely packed house. There wasn’t a person in that room who didn’t have a smile on their face."
~Arlene Boumel, Broward Folk Club

“ Their ‘Blue Twangled Folk ’n’ Roll' sound rides like a V8 firing on all cylinders!"~Gurf Morlix

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Recommendations from hosts

October, 2018 - "We had our first full house with the Reckless Saints last night! Roy and Kim are just wonderful musicians, songwriting and entertainers! We love them and our audience does too! One couple took the next day off so they could attend the show! They ar...


Roy and his partner in music & love, Kim Mayfield, are in their 10th year of touring, and have just released a new collection of songs titled ‘Reckless Saints.’ Here's what some folks are saying about it….. "On the album, Schneider and Kim Mayfield, his wife and full-time performing partner, dance with elements of authentic folk, country, blues and rock as if they’ve been in love with them all their lives, which is probably true. Enlisting Blaze Foley’s old musical partner Gurf Morlix for h...

Trying to fill these important dates

GA,NC,SC/US: Apr, 2019 (dates: 1-3) - Open!

CA/US: May, 2019 (dates: 16, 17, 21) - near Nevada City/Saramento on 16-17, central coast on 21st

Election Day (Blaze Foley cover)

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