Tim McGeary

Tim McGeary

My name is Grace Swinford and I am the owner/ host for Amazin'Grace's Tropical Courtyard in Naples, Florida.
I host house concerts usually one a month  in Naples, Florida and I have been honored to host Timothy McGeary on several occasions.
He is always well received and I can always count on him and his music bringing in a nice crowd.
If further input is needed please do not hesitate to contact and I can sing his praises more.

Thank you,

Grace Swinford
[email protected]

Wounded Man


Recommendations from hosts (8)

January, 2020 - "Tim's performance was very good - a true singer-songwriter experience. His songs were heartfelt and uplifting. Through his music, conversation and storytelling, everyone connected with Tim. He is a great entertainer and we highly recommend Tim for...

Tim McGeary

Tim McGeary

Member since: 2017-02-01
Home: Naples, FL, US
Frequently Tours: 12 months a year
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Acoustic guitar
Other Instruments: Piano, bass guitar, percussion
Genre: Americana, Country,
Style: Varied upbeat
Content: Mainstream comedy
Rating: G


If music is a springboard for emotion, then Tim McGeary knows all too well how to mine it to the max. “I have to write songs,” the accomplished songwriter insists. “Yet, it’s both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you are able to write and sing songs that can connect to people and bring them to an emotional state. The curse is that I can never turn it off. If I get something in my head at 3 am, I have to get up and get to my guitar or piano so I quickly record something. Other...

Trying to fill these important dates

FL/US: Nov, 2021 (dates: Open) - This is our home region and we'd love to play for you.

FL/US: Dec, 2021 (dates: Open) - This is our home region and we'd love to play for you.
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