Recommendations for Aireene Espiritu

September, 2018 - "Alternating between her guitar and tenor ukulele, Aireene played one extended set that flowed between her own compositions and inspirations from Sugar Pie DeSanto to Big Jay Neely. She treated everyone in the audience like a friend being welcomed into her home, and she built our connection with each other through her warmth. See full review and videos at"
(A. Brown)

May, 2018 - "Aireene is a wonderful song writer and has a lovely voice. She is engaging and interesting as well. Everyone enjoyed her performance."
(H. Lipson)

December, 2016 - "Wonderful show!"
(B. Stane)

November, 2015 - "My audience LOVED Aireene & The Rarities! I've never heard such strong approval as in the audience responses during this concert. This 5-piece group made the best of limited space in my living room, then filled it full with music you can only get from uke, guitar, mandolin, bass & percussion around Aireene's BIG vocals. Each is a standout but they're extremely smooth together. Terrific audience interaction. All genuinely nice people: outgoing, interesting to talk to, good individual connectors."
(R. Closson)

May, 2015 - "Aireene has a personality that exudes friendship and lights up the room. You can tell just by a short visit that she is warm and caring and her music reflects the events of her life. She is a veteran touring artist and knows how to capture an audience’s attention."
(J. McConnell)

April, 2015 - "Aireene has a unique and engaging vocal style, accompanied by her uke and guitar playing. She introduces her songs with short but interesting stories about how they came about. The audience enjoyed her singing, playing and stories. She is also a lovely house guest who takes a genuine interest in the hosts and their guests."
(M. Kaufman)

January, 2015 - "Aireene's heart shines through in her music. She is such an inspiration with that little uke!"
(J. Campbell)

April, 2013 - "Aireene was wonderful to have at our first house concert. Her performance was great and everyone greatly enjoyed it and she was a pleasure to have spend the night with us."
(G. Speer)

October, 2012 - "We love Aireene, and not just because she is a friend of ours. We got to know Aireene through her music and she is the first artist we have invited back a second time. Her music resonates - even more so in a live setting. Aireene interacts with the audience, giving her performances a specialness that lends itself perfectly to house concert settings. The blend of her playing and her singing is exceptional and adds layers to the already beautiful lyrics. Thank you another wonderful evening."
(C. Canup)

Recommendations come from experienced CIYH venues.

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