Recommendations for Big Little Lions

September, 2019 - "We were fortunate to host Big Little Lions at our first house concert. They were wonderful to work with in all aspects.Our guests raved about them-commenting on their proficiency with multiple instruments, their confident humility,thoughtful lyrics and quirky arrangements, and too many others to list here! As they told stories and threw friendly jabs at each other between songs,we all felt like we were part of their tribe. As guests in our home, they were respectful,pleasant and appreciative."
(R. Short)

July, 2019 - "It was a joy hosting Big Little Lions in my home. Booking went smoothly and they were great house guests. Lots of comments from the audience on the music, harmonies and how personable they were. Would certainly have them back."
(D. Bodeux)

July, 2019 - "As always Helen and Paul provide the audience with a high energy and interactive performance. The crowd is always waiting to hear what is coming next and their stage presence is great. If you have a chance to see the Big Little Lions perform... you will not be disappointed!Upbeat, fun and friendly performances are the Big Little Lions"
(K. Rittinger)

March, 2019 - "Helen and Paul of Big Little Lions are the most talented, charming and delightful entertainers! They are super professional with songwriting and multi-instrumental prowess that lights up a room. Absolutely easy and kind to deal with and I loved having them as guests both at our venue and in my home. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"
(P. Connolly)

February, 2019 - "Great harmonies, super set-up, loved so many of their songs. They interacted very well together and were great house guests. Highly recommend"
(J. Cary)

September, 2018 - "Helen and Paul, the vital energy making up Little Lions, are phenomenal. I canít even imagine their mindsí neural pathways because both of them do many things at once as they perform. Helen is a tiny package of awesomeness. She narrates, sings, plays guitar, handles 4 percussive foot pedals. Paul tells amusing stories, sings, plays keyboards, adds percussion. Everything is original, spot-on, sharp, and perfectly executed. Our guests were entranced. Donít miss a chance to host Big Little Lions!"
(L. Weldon)

July, 2018 - "Big Little Lions are incredible songwriters and phenomenal entertainers. The two of them manage to sound like a full band by playing multiple instruments simultaneously. Even their between song banter was superbly entertaining. Our large (400+) audience was completely enthralled and gave them a standing ovation. I would have them back in a heartbeat. Excellent."
(M. Spransy)

July, 2018 - "Paul and Helen were absolutely fantastic. Their first song hit you like a warning shot across the bow and said "we are here and we are good"! Both artists are personable and low maintenance. They were appreciative and sociable. Helen's voice is mesmerizing and watching Paul use all four limbs to play and on top of that he is singing...mind blowing! We look forward to having them back. Our audience was most pleased with Big Little Lions performance and my wife and I were thrilled!"
(C. Turk)

April, 2018 - "Big Little Lions turned in a fun, high energy performance that all of our audience enjoyed. I particularly enjoyed the guitar lines that Helen played. They were simple in structure but very catchy and well fitted to the songs. Paul's suitcase kick-drum and assemble percussion was very well done and the fact that he maintained that while alternating between base and melody lines with his left hand on the keyboard made it more impressive. We enjoyed the interaction between the two."
(J. Wolf)

April, 2018 - "We had such a great evening with Big Little Lions! I've never seen my audience more animated. The sound, harmony and lyrics produced by just Helen and Paul were truly amazing! I highly recommend this musical duo to all house concert hosts. I truly loved them."
(P. DeLorenzo)

April, 2018 - "Paul and Helen have a unique dynamic between them that makes their house concerts more than just a concert but a lovely journey too."
(R. Nuzzolo)

April, 2018 - "Paul Otten and Helen Austin were the perfect remedy for a rainy Saturday night in Birmingham. Their music is wildly creative and their lyrics are intellectually jolly. Big Paul takes multitasking to a whole different level with his unique percussive setup, while little Helen completes the package with her angelic voice and infectious energy. These guys can't help but make happy music that makes you want to sing and move to the beat. We definitely want to have them back!"
(A. Barron)

March, 2018 - "Big Little Lions..Helen & Paul put on a splendid performance that left the audience wanting more. The musicianship is fantastic, pleasing vocal harmonies and a great sense of humour and participation with the listeners. Working with Helen to book the show was easy and emails were replied to in a very timely manner with any questions either of us had. Very friendly and out going personalities and engaged well with everyone before, during and after their show..... Come Again Soon!!"
(K. Rittinger)

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