Recommendations for David G Smith

November, 2019 - "This is the 2nd time I've hosted David and his performance did not let us down. Always the professional, very personable and a great house guest as well. I highly recommend him!"
(A. Georgopoulos)

August, 2018 - "David thrilled us with his tales of his life and songs. We not only loved his lyrics, but his information about where he had been and what he has done. His easy manner had our attention for hours. The train never flustered his performance, and there were 3 in 3 hours. I recommend you book this gentle man into your home."
(B. Amidon)

March, 2017 - "David is a poet,singer/songwriter that is one the best I have had in my Saltydog Concert Series. We had him do 2 concerts: one in a nursing home and a house concert at my house. At the nursing home he was very tuned in to the residents and played a lot of old country songs that the residents knew, loved and sang along with. His rapport with them was outstanding. They want him to come back. At the house concert he sang all his own songs that cut to the heart. Look forward to bring him back."
(R. Malone)

May, 2016 - "David Smith put on a very good show for us, despite an unusually small audience. He was a trooper and didn't let this affect his performance. His songs speak to real life, and he is a very good entertainer. All pre-show communication was easy, and he and his wife Sharon are favorite house guests of ours."
(D. Smith)

February, 2015 - "I loved hosting David in my house concert series. He is an excellent musician who interacts exceedingly well with the audience. I highly recommend having him perform in your series!"
(A. Georgopoulos)

February, 2015 - "David was a soulful, engaged performer with a deep and personal connection with his lyrics and with the music industry. He was joined by his guitar-playing brother Ed, who lives nearby, and each complemented the other's performance. They played a 90-minute set that went by too quickly, and spent about half the time taking requests from the audience. The show was on St. Valentine's Day, so the crowd was quite a bit smaller than usual, but David delivered a memorable show in an intimate setting."
(B. Melendez)

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