Recommendations for Escaping Pavement

August, 2019 - "Escaping Pavement were awesome! We had friends, neighbors and family enjoying their music under the stars. Their harmonizing was exceptional! We could have listened all night! Would recommend them to everyone!"
(G. Nadeau)

June, 2019 - "harmonies and musicianship and excellent house guests. adam and emily stayed a couple of days and shot a video on a local scenic view. we plan to have them return to bad branch."
(P. Vaccaro Jr)

May, 2019 - "Escaping Pavement gave a wonderful show for our Sunday afternoon crowd. Their vocal harmony is incredibly unique and every note striking. Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolins—this show had it all. The afternoon included their original pieces as well as some of the most fabulous covers. Aaron and Emily related to our audience immediately and the connection was mutual. I recommend Escaping Pavement to anyone who genuinely loves music and wants to wow their audience! "
(D. Goodband)

May, 2019 - "Escaping Pavement was terrific! Great talent, multiple instruments and so very, very personable! They would be welcomed back anytime!!!"
(F. Dawson)

March, 2019 - "After seeing Escaping Pavement at the Listening Room Festival, I was excited to have them play at my home and for my friends. Everyone there loved them as much as I did! They were entertaining, personable and so very nice. Their voices and harmonies were beautiful, and their stories behind their songs were so interesting. They were also the perfect house guests. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"
(E. McGuire)

March, 2019 - "Not hard to see why Escaping Pavement were named CIYH Artists of the Year! They delivered an outstanding performance with high quality entertainment value. Our audience was wowed with their musicianship and tight harmonies. Aaron and Emily were great to work. We look forward to having them back!"
(J. Martin)

March, 2019 - "Emily and Aaron's skillful blend of perfectly executed acoustic instrumentation and velvety smooth vocal hamonies absolutely took our audience by surprise. Every single one was blown away by the caliber of their talent, stage presence and personal rapport. Having heard some of their recordings, we reached out to them to book for our first house concert, and we couldn't have chosen better. Aaron and Emily are both beautiful, engaging and easy-going personalities, and were perfect house guests."
(M. Bennett)

March, 2019 - ""Escaping Pavement" What a pleasure to have Emily & Aaron come perform at Camp Benjamin! The two of them definitely were enjoyed and loved by our friends and us! Their acoustic full songs sounds and voices resonated very well in the barn and our ears! We Thank them so much for an awesome entertaining with laughter filled night! Cheers..."
(A. Fletcher)

February, 2019 - "Escaping Pavement was complete hit with our audience. Their voices blend seamlessly and their instrumental virtuosity is marvelous. And such nice people - that might not need to be said but I'll say it any way - really, really, lovely people."
(J. Roberts)

January, 2019 - "Escaping Pavement was an excellent duo. They performed an assortment of songs and interacted with the guests very well. They are a pleasant couple and easy to get to know. Acted professionally and the guests were very satisfied.Highly recommend."
(K. Eberly)

January, 2019 - "If you have a chance to get them, booking Escaping Pavement is a no-brainer. They walked into a room where nobody knew who the heck they were and very shortly had everyone spellbound. They were warm and personable and established a great rapport with the audience, serving up the perfect blend of stage patter and brilliantly written, masterfully performed material. These guys are absolutely top shelf. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!"
(S. Chiasson)

December, 2018 - "Wow! Even though I'd seen Escaping Pavement before I wasn't prepared for impact they made in my living room. Vocals were flawless, they play at least 5 or 6 instruments between the two of them...the baritone guitar alone is worth booking them. Can't say enough about the whole experience. Many of my very experienced listeners were floored. Book them if you can. They are the "real deal". No problems with any pre or post show communications. Looking forward to seeing them again in March at ACMA."
(A. Schaefer)

October, 2018 - "Wonderful indie folk act! Great mix of songs with a variety of guitar and mandolin coupled cool harmonies. After the show there was an impromptu cover of a Soggy Bottom Boys with all members of the audience involved with a variety of shakers and other percussions toys what a fun way to end the night! Good house guests. I hope to have the chance to host this group again!!!"
(T. Scanland)

September, 2018 - "The audience and I really enjoyed Escaping Pavement. The stories they shared, and their music was top notch. Unique voices that blend together very well. I really enjoyed the instrumental music, and the fact they have written songs about some of the National Parks. A great show all around, and I would love to host them again someday."
(P. DeSmet)

September, 2018 - "Fantastic experience all the way around! Very professional setup and gracious guests. Amazing show! Excellent writing, excellent performances! WONDERFUL harmonies and dynamics! Still blown away several days later. We are legitimate fans and will be telling people about Escaping Pavement for a long time."
(K. Boysen)

September, 2018 - "Excellent! I don't know what else to say. Great performance and people. We let them stay an extra night and they were great guests, too!"
(K. Harper)

September, 2018 - "Emily and Aaron provided us with a wonderful summer evening of song. Their songs and backstories left the audience wanting more. They each had clear voices, with good instrumentation. They were very engaging with everyone, both before and during the show. They communicated well, leading up to the show, and were very comfortable house guests. Would welcome them back again."
(B. Fulton)

August, 2018 - "We loved having Escaping Pavement play for our house concert. Their sound and music was wonderful and everyone enjoyed the concert. They were delightful guests as well. Definitely worth booking."
(D. Kern)

July, 2018 - "Escaping Pavement played for us last night in our first "garage concert" due to our fickle Wis. weather. Emily and Aaron took it all in stride and performed a magical concert for a packed garage full of guests. What a special and wonderful couple they are! Immensely talented, creative songwriters, fun performers, beautiful people and perfect house guests. They play some great covers (thanks for the ear worm) and awesome originals. Who writes songs about national parks? They do! We love them."
(B. Sands)

July, 2018 - "Emily and Aaron literally brought our audience to their feet. They got a standing ovation. That is an outstanding achievement for an acoustic folk duo. Ours is an outside show with well over 400 in attendance and they were able to hold the audience completely. They were lovely to work with and completely professional. I highly recommend them."
(M. Spransy)

April, 2018 - "Emily and Aaron have an excellent voice blend with very tight harmonies. They are also very good instrumentalists. We look forward to having them back with us."
(J. Wolf)

April, 2018 - "Absolutely everyone at the concert were loving this duo! Beautiful voices and a wicked Mandolin....Loved the songs about National Parks. These two "have it together"."
(A. Stevens)

April, 2018 - "Escaping Pavement were great! We had a surprise 60th birthday party that we tied into the concert and they were so easy to work with on this. Their music was great and they connected with our audience with grace and charm."
(D. Mathews)

March, 2018 - "Even though we had a spring snowstorm, 14 dedicated people came to listen to Aaron and Emily play. It was such an intimate crowd everyone left feeling like they had a chance to talk with the musicians personally as well as listen to their beautiful music. Some of our best experiences have been getting to know the musicians afterwards. Emily & Aaron spent two nights in their RV plugged into the outside outlet and we had many long and entertaining conversations. Hope our paths cross again..."
(K. Ziegler)

February, 2018 - "These two young, very sincere musicians entertained my guests with their beautiful harmonizing. The crowd was delighted and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I heard many enthusiastic comments about them. They were very good guests and easy to host in my home."
(H. Dahlhauser)

February, 2018 - "Wow - what a dynamic duo musically and personally. My crowd loved their music. Great musicians and incredibly strong vocals and harmonies. Definitely recommend!"
(J. O'Kelly)

December, 2017 - "Fantastic night of music, lyrics, and voices. Emily and Aaron were a pleasure to host. They were chill and professional. Two qualities we adore at our HC series. Both are very personable and we highly recommend them for their music as well as for the opportunity to get to know these two fine young and talented musicians."
(C. Turk)

October, 2017 - "Aaron and Emily delivered a super show thoroughly consumed and enjoyed by my friends and neighbors. They sounded fantastic live, and even played a few extras for us when we weren’t ready for the night to end. Wonderful people, lovely house guests and I wholeheartedly recommend them."
(A. Sullivan)

September, 2017 - "Escaping Pavement put on a wonderful show. It was our first booking through CIYH and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. Their singing and playing was technically excellent, especially Aaron's mandolin. They interacted very well with our audience. The booking process was no problem and they were very good (if very quiet) house guests. We will have them back in the future if they head our way again."
(D. Swan)

September, 2017 - "Aaron and Emily of Escaping Pavement performed at my home this past Friday. They arrived early enough to set up and sound check and then performed two wonderful sets! Their sound was amazing. They stayed the night and were very thoughtful houseguests. I would book them again and again and again!!!!"
(B. Poston)

August, 2017 - "What a terrific concert! The musicianship, skill on their instruments, and gorgeous voices made for an energetic, captivating evening. Our audience loved this duo as much as we did. And they are great house guests, too!"
(S. Mills)

July, 2017 - "What great performers! They were wonderful to work with and we thoroughly enjoyed their show - outstanding!"
(C. Banks)

May, 2017 - "Escaping Pavement is a must-see act. Emily and Aaron are gifted vocalists with beautifully precise harmonies and a whole playlist of great original tunes. They're also truly nice folks who interact with casual ease while on stage and off. This duo is definitely going places. They just won the 2017 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Americana Recording. Book them while you can!"
(L. Weldon)

March, 2016 - "I had found Emily & Aaron on youtube as they are not yet members of CIYH & had not performed a house concert before. They did great! They are really terrific, interesting, talented people & my audience enjoyed their show very much. You could see how their songwriting has progressed by their stories and the varied instruments(I think 6) that they played. We enjoyed their original music as well as a few reworked covers, especially the Madonna song. Hope we will see them as CIYH members soon."
(C. Reinis)

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