Recommendations for Kristin Center

November, 2018 - "Kristin Center gave a wonderful concert at our house. What stands out first are her amazing, virtuoso piano skills, giving life to music that ranges from delicate melodies to passionate songs, but that's just the start of her concert. Kristin is a fusion singer-songwriter with interesting arrangements that combine acoustic and electronic elements in a unique style. She rounds them out with an incredible voice and a fun spirit on stage. Kristin was very engaging, and our audience had a wonderful time."
(M. Fromherz)

February, 2017 - "If there was a 5-star scale upon which to review Kristin's home concert, I would give her SEVEN stars. Kristin is personally humble and unassuming, concerned about the world and environment but an absolutely fabulous pianist, vocalist and entertainer. The room was spellbound by her variety of her work, the ease and comfort with which she handles the piano, the openness with which she converses about lit experiences and music. Just a marvelous, undiscovered entertainer. Don't pass her up!"
(D. Eisenberg)

August, 2016 - "Kristin is absolutely our favorite house concert artist. Her blending of radically different styles of music, the quick wit of her lyrics, her deep intelligence and social conscience pack the house. The best part? As much as you love the show, you'll find so much more you missed when you listen to the CD later. She's also a great houseguest and amazing woman. If your crowd likes to go off the beaten path, book her now so you can say you knew her when..."
(J. Freeman)

October, 2015 - "I can't think of a more amazing experience for our first House Concert and my birthday than having Kristin Center perform. Like her, the music is incredibly intelligent, witty, approachable and fun. How amazing to have so much talent playing our piano in our living room! Who can blend Rachmaninov, rap & reggae? Kirsten can. I think everyone that came bought CDs, and many are *still* posting about the performance 2 weeks later. Magnificent experience, and we can't wait to have her back."
(J. Freeman)

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