Recommendations for Missy Andersen & Her One Man Band

November, 2019 - "Missy and Heine Andersen were perfect to end our first season as House Concert hosts! Missy's vocals are rich, genuine and soulful...a direct reflection of her personality. Heine's guitar playing is nothing short of masterful! These two talents intertwine on stage as one incredibly dynamic show! Our audience absolutely loved them and want them back. All booking/preshow communication was easy and concise. They were perfect house guests and we enjoyed sharing time together w this beautiful couple."
(M. Bennett)

September, 2019 - "Absolutely perfect in all dimensions. We were fortunate to be hosting them to celebrate our 30th concert. They delivered two stunning sets of original and 'Missy' reimagined covers that left our audience mesmerized with uncontrolled chair dancing. They are fantastic musicians, wonderful house guests but above all beautiful genuine people. I recommend to any and all hosts to book Missy and Heine. They are at the top of their game and you will be rewarded with a wonderful evening. "
(P. Kane)

August, 2019 - "Missy and Heine were awesome! Friendly, engaging, easy to work with and super performers. Their stage dynamic is stellar and our guests had a really great time."
(E. Berlant)

July, 2019 - "What can I say? Missy and Heine were fabulous! Just a great, fun night of blues and soul, stories and laughs, terrific vocals by Missy and outstanding guitar work by Heine. Not to mention what wonderful people they both were. Before, during the break, and after the show, Missy and Heine blended right in with the audience, telling stories, answering questions and hanging out like they were longtime friends. It was a hell of a night and we canít wait to do it again!"
(M. Marois)

June, 2019 - "Heine and Missy were fantastic - we recommend them wholeheartedly. We were the host for the show and they were on time, friendly, extremely talented and kept everyone engaged. They stayed over that night as well and were great guests."
(E. Rossini)

May, 2019 - "It was another amazing evening with Missy and Heine. You canít help but dance in your seat w happy toes tapping to the beat. Last year, one of my guests was so excited that she conspired with me to book them this year and have them play at her 60th birthday party the next night. Missy engages the audience with her soulful vocals and sense of humor. Iím still amazed how Heine can play both bass lines and melody at the same time. He is truly a one-man band. They were very gracious house guests."
(C. McClellan)

January, 2019 - "Wow, by the end of the evening you will be debating what the best part of the show was: Missy's earthy raw vocals or Heine's guitar virtuosity. In the end you will agree the sum is much greater than the parts. For us, their show was a highlight of our hosting career. They have excellent stage presence and engagement with the audience. They are wonderful and appreciative house guests. A must 'book' if they are available for your series."
(P. Kane)

May, 2018 - "The performance was very upbeat with toes tapping and clapping along to the beat. Missyís vocals are earthy and soulful. They played a mix of soulful blues standards as well as original songs. Heine is an amazing guitarist, playing both base line and melodies at the same time. He has a unique style that is fascinating to watch. If you close your eyes, youíd swear there was more than one guitarist. They were excellent house guests. I look forward to hosting them next year"
(C. McClellan)

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