Recommendations for Sara and Kenny

November, 2019 - "Excellent show with great music and interaction with the audience."
(J. Lindfors)

June, 2019 - "This was our first outdoor concert of the year and what an amazing night of music. Sara and Kenny started the night visiting over dinner with the concert guests. Their harmonies left us drifting off into the night skies. They play their guitars extremely well. This was an amazing blend of classical and jazz. Their connection with the audience was magical. Our audience was nothing but smiles! A MUST SEE Duo!"
(D. Mathews)

June, 2019 - "Sara and Kenny were warm and personable. Welcoming them into my home felt like welcoming old friends. We enjoyed great conversation, and then they wowed us with their performance. I loved hearing the little stories behind each of the songs. Musically, they played off of each otherís strengths beautifully. My two young children were at the concert, and I was lucky enough to be able to see their faces light up with the magic of the live music. Sara and Kenny have created fans out of all of us."
(J. Chilson)

June, 2019 - "I feel as if we have known Sara and Kenny for ages. Each time they perform at the museum they just get better and better (if that's even possible). They are so talented in all ways. Their classic training makes for a seamless musical experience. One feels as if one is in a high end symphonic hall when they perform. We are so lucky that they are willing to come back. They are also very personable. I just received a note from them - just friend stuff. Unexpected and delightful. Wow and WOW!"
(H. Lipson)

May, 2019 - "Highly talented, dedicated musicians with some jazzy, classical, latin sounds & international flavor. Oh, and they're highly likeable humans you'll enjoy your time with :-)"
(M. Young)

May, 2019 - "Sara and Kenny are great entertainers and fantastic musicians. They played a variety of music, and kept the audience engaged during the entire show. They had great interaction with audience members, answering questions as they went along, providing background information about themselves and their music. A great show and a great couple of people to hang out with. I would gladly have them back."
(P. DeSmet)

September, 2018 - "I so enjoyed hosting Sara and Kenny. They wowed us with their great songwriting and delivery. Their audience communications were superb, and everyone was impressed, and glad to get to experience a wonderful show. They were easy to communicate with, and were thoughtful house guests. As a bonus, they even attended three music classes, at our little elementary school. Needless to say, the young-uns were impressed. Hope to have them here again."
(B. Fulton)

July, 2018 - "Sara and Kenny have been just great! Very friendly and interesting artists. The performance was great, the audience loved it. This is a very uplifting combination: classic and jazz influences, American and Italian influences. They are both very good on their instruments and great singers. We can only recommend to host them! All the very best!"
(I. Dombrowski)

June, 2018 - "Sara & Kenny, gave a performance that was technically masterful, yet delightfully accessible. Their music is sometimes plaintive and soulful, then wistful and romantic, now timeless, then new, both intimate and universal. The easygoing rapport with the audience brings fresh insight to the songs, sung in English, Italian and Portuguese. They are lovely and appreciative houseguests, as well. Their equipment was perfect for our venue. The only thing they asked us to provide were two mic stands."
(D. Webb)

May, 2018 - "Sara and Kenny are AWESOME! Their blend of guitar styles fits together perfectly, and their voices are great. I could sit and listen to them all day, and never get tired of their music. I highly recommend these two, and would love to host them again some day. Everyone in the audience loved the music and the interaction with Sara and Kenny."
(P. DeSmet)

May, 2018 - "Sara & Kenny blend classical guitar & jazz to make beautiful music! Sara as the lead singer is delightful and Kenny on harmonies makes this couple a pleasure to listen to. We loved hearing about their travels across the Us and Europe. One of the best perks of being a CIYH host is the friendship you make. I know our paths will cross again."
(K. Ziegler)

May, 2018 - "Sara and Kenny are amazing. They are very skilled musicians and songwriters. Their songs are the kind you want to hear over and over again. They both are incredibly talented. Sara's voice is especially memorable. Their various techniques with their instruments is very professional. They are very engaging and were extremely well received."
(H. Lipson)

April, 2018 - "Thank you for this alive evening, thanks for your music."
(C. Buch)

April, 2018 - "Sara and Kenny were delightful! This talented duo wowed our audience with their talent, their comfortable presence and their openness and ability to make everyone feel included. Their playing is masterful and their sets were a nice mix of traditional and new, and spanned many genres. They were easy to work with and very good houseguests."
(M. Hackett)

February, 2018 - "We had a great concert with Sara and Kenny. Our guests loved the show and we had a good time. They are uncomplicated and very pleasant guests. We are looking forward to meet them again."
(S. Birkner)

January, 2018 - "Music is about touching people's hearts and Sara & Kenny do just that. Their natural complicity and beautiful harmony on and off stage give the audience a unique insight into their world and their mix of different musical styles paints a perfect picture of who they are and what they share with the world. They also engaged in eager conversation with the guests before and after the show and are all in all great people to have around. Sure looking forward to another concert, wherever that may be"
(K. Stevenson)

Recommendations come from experienced CIYH venues.

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