Recommendations for Fran Snyder

June, 2019 - "Fran's concert in my home to benefit Creative Clay was outstanding. Not only is Fran the founder and CEO of The Listening Room Network, he is a masterful musician, a heartfelt lyricist and an eloquent story-teller. The evening was a memorable musical experience. It was an honor to host Fran Snyder in my home!"
(J. Eichenbaum)

January, 2019 - "Fran split this show with Michelle Ingrham with the two of them trading songs and contributing harmonies. The pair put on a very enjoyable show. Fran is an excellent song writer with a good voice and solid guitar work. He provided very good lead work on Michelle's songs."
(J. Wolf)

March, 2018 - "Fran Snyder and Peter Moon: An absolutely fabulous concert! It was a wonderful event: expert musicianship, meaningful lyrics and just delightful, energetic singer-songwriters! My guests and I were happy, smiley people! Thank you, Fran and Peter!"
(J. Eichenbaum)

May, 2017 - "Fran's concert was SPECTACULAR! It was a magical evening. His lyrics are thoughtful, his music is beautiful and his musicianship is superb! Fran's passion for his music is clearly evident in his performance. We were all enchanted! Thank you, Fran, for a truly wonderful and memorable evening!"
(J. Eichenbaum)

March, 2017 - "In addition to being the CIYH home guru Fran Snyder is an accomplished musician and entertainer. On his second HC gig for me he did not disappoint. Fran is charming, talented, and fun. His sincerity and love for music shines through his performance...AND bonus! He can tell you all about house concerts. He'll be back again! He didn't stay over night, but he knows he's welcome and can lock up after he leaves in the morning..."
(A. Schaefer)

January, 2016 - "Fran loves to perform and it shows in his personality and music. He tells great stories through his songwriting. We loved having him in our home and know we've made a friend for the long haul."
(L. Davis)

October, 2015 - "Fran was a perfect guest and provided a fun show. Nice backstories and our listeners provided super positive feedback. He made us laugh more than a few times. So personable and would have back again."
(S. Lawrence)

July, 2015 - "What a delightful way to start Sunday. Fran is a relaxed showman with humor, attunement and wonderful voice. The audience was engaged and enjoyed his deliciously fun "animal songs." Give yourself a treat and book him."
(H. Dahlhauser)

June, 2015 - "It was indeed a great pleasure to have Fran Snyder at home! We had a wonderful moment with Fran's music, and our French guests were delighted to hear a couple of French songs from Francis Cabrel!!"
(M. Goguey)

March, 2015 - "Fran Snyder and Peter Moon held my guests and me spellbound throughout the evening. It was a fabulous, memorable, magical concert. In addition to being accomplished artists, Fran and Peter are genuinely lovely people. Bravo!"
(J. Eichenbaum)

August, 2014 - "Thank you, Fran, for an absolutely wonderful concert. It was a magical event. Fran is a talented, charming songwriter and performer. It was a privilege to have him perform in my first house concert. Your heartfelt contribution to music is much appreciated."
(J. Eichenbaum)

February, 2014 - "Fran was fun to have, both as an entertainer and a house guest. He was very entertaining, engaging, and the audience really enjoyed him."
(D. Bodeux)

October, 2013 - "Fran was a great artist -- talented, funny and very engaging! Our guests loved him. He was a perfect guest artist in every way. Will for certain have him back in the future and highly recommend him to other hosts!"
(P. Larson)

March, 2013 - "Fran was amazing. This was our first house concert experience, and he provided loving and thoughtful guidance before, during, and after the evening. And the music was wonderful as well!"
(C. Blakeslee)

January, 2013 - "Our show in early January with Fran Snyder was a crowd-pleaser. Fran came prepared with many excellent new songs he'll soon be releasing on CD, and it's sure to be well-received. Fran did a little extra promo to help us gain our after-holidays audience. Great way to start a new year. Fran is high energy, well-organized and such a likable guy who crafts his songs with great care. And sings straight from the heart."
(L. Renc)

January, 2013 - "Fran Snyder is a great choice for an intimate performance. We were fortunate to have Fran perform a "Dinner and Song" show here and he immediately made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether it was dinner conversation or within his performance, Fran knows how to entertain and connect with his audience. We look forward to having him back again in the future."
(R. Paris)

August, 2012 - "Fran Snyder played a dinner and song event for about a dozen close friends. He was fantastic - an easy going entertainer who kept everyone happy with stories and songs that ranged from touching to clever to downright hilarious. Fran is a great artist and an even nicer person. He's easy to have as a guest, and it's easy to see why CIYH is so easy to deal with. I think Fran would be especially good with a new house concert series - he's a pro and knows these gigs better than anyone. Thanks Fran!"
(P. Pfaffenberger)

July, 2012 - "Fran is, of course, the perfect artist to have in your home and perform for you and your friends. He connected with us, invited us in, and took us on some wonderful journeys. His voice and instrumental talents are rich and skilled, his showmanship, dynamic and tailored to his audience. He is a considerate and self-contained house guest, and an intelligent conversationalist. Kudos!"
(T. Malloy)

April, 2012 - "Fran is obviously a talented singer/songwriter. He has a good variety of songs - whimsical, funny, serious and pensive. But it is ability to connect with an audience that makes him someone we would invite back to HOOSONANNY any time!"
(B. Hooson)

January, 2012 - "Great opportunity to host something different. Fran was 1st class guest and performer. All the guests enjoyed the evening!"
(C. Shea)

November, 2011 - "Great show. We were happy to have Fran with us at the PHouse. He's an amazing talent and his quirky personality made the evening a lot of fun. Tolerates cats well. Good guest- he's welcome back any time."
(C. Potter)

November, 2011 - "Fran was a real delight! We thoroughly enjoyed his songs and great stories. The time he spent with a few of us after the actual concert was very informative as he answered some very specific questions from the audience about the music business. We very much appreciated his coming to our home."
(D. Brake)

October, 2011 - "The songs and style were a wonderful fit with our group. Fran is an open and friendly person whose genuine love of entertaining shows in all aspects of his work. His talent is strong in the music and the words and its variety from the wonderful children songs to the love stories and the comedy. Fran is so multifaceted it is hard to just review one aspect. He is articulate, intelligent and fun."
(R. Berry)

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