Recommendations for Jeff Miller

October, 2019 - "What an amazing artist Jeff is! He filled our lobby with the sounds of a full band with his looping. Everyone in attendance loved him. We plan to have him back in the spring. Great house guest also. Book him you will not regret it."
(D. Hamer)

August, 2019 - "Jeff lived up to his billing as the live looping master, but that was just the beginning - to get you hooked. Then you were struck by his musicianship even when he was wasn't looping and the power of his lyrics. A wonderful show - a great time was had by all. A true professional!"
(S. Hopkins)

August, 2019 - "Jeff Miller is great artist and we're super happy he performed at our inaugural home concert! Our guests thoroughly enjoyed his music and Jeff also explained his technique to us. It's just wonderful to be able to experience this in your own home in such an intimate setting!"
(S. Romeijn)

April, 2019 - "Jeff was one of the most talented guitar players that we have had. Everyone was completely amazed at his talent on the guitar and loop. I thought his show might be more instrumental, but he sang and played and it was truly amazing. He is a very nice guest and we will have him back for sure"
(J. Cary)

February, 2018 - "Jeff Miller put on a great show for us. He arrived promptly, was professional, polite and gracious. Our guests enjoyed his performance."
(C. Mccauley)

October, 2017 - "Jeff was much more at our house concert then in the public venues I'd seen him before. Good rapport and excellent musicianship. And a gracious house guest as well. We hope to host him again."
(P. Vaccaro Jr)

August, 2017 - "Jeff Miller's guitar playing and performance is mesmerizing. The layers that he is able to create with loops makes for a very complete sound coming from just one guy. But it's not just rhythm and lead. He interweaves entire choruses and layers of sound within a composition. His original music is creative and soulful. And he does great renditions of classic rock songs as well. A very interesting and colorful musician."
(A. Barron)

October, 2015 - "Jeff is one of the best musicians out there. Great voice and superb guitar playing with his special focus on looping. He sounds like a full orchestra when he loops a song. Excellent as a songwriter and able to capture the hearts and minds of his listeners. This is the second time I have had him here and look forward to another opportunity. Easy to work with. Very personable. Builds audience rapport instantly. Thank you Jeff for a great show!"
(R. Malone)

October, 2015 - "Jeff brought a whole new dimension of entertainment to OS Concert Night. He is a Looper! Some players use this as a crutch, but in Jeff's case it is combined with skillful guitar playing, wide ranging vocals, creativity, and expert timing. The result is a show that runs the gamut from mellow to mystical to rock with great covers of some classic tunes thrown in. Jeff couldn't be a nicer guy."
(S. Markovitz)

April, 2015 - "Jeff is an engaging artist who puts on a professional show. His music is terrific and his flare with the guitar and his looping techniques are a marvel. My audience was amazed and appreciative of his skill. He was also an excellent house guest, which, as a host, is as important as his other features. I highly recommend Jeff."
(J. Jaeger)

November, 2014 - "Wow!! Jeff's concert was the best I have had this year. He is an outstanding performer!! Great voice wonderful range. His guitar playing and looping pleased our audience greatly. Most of them had never heard looping before. Audience members were slapping their foreheads that they had not invited more friends. Plans already made for booking him again in the next year. Audience loved him!!!"
(R. Malone)

October, 2014 - "Jeff was wonderful and he amazed the crowd with his self recording "looping" system! I could actually see people's eyes get wider and mouths drop open when Jeff performed. His lyrics are truly insightful and his guitar playing is right up there with the best. I highly recommend Jeff to everyone...he is so personable and warm as well as overly talented!"
(P. DeLorenzo)

July, 2014 - "Jeff Miller is quite adept at using the looping pedal. The audience was taken aback by the sound and quality of his performance. His songs told of stories through his life's experiences. He was easy to work with and very appreciative of the hospitality he recieved."
(R. Markle)

May, 2014 - "Everyone commented on what a wonderful voice Jeff has, and they enjoyed his music, thanks for the education on his style. They enjoyed the evening with him and wanted to say THANK YOU."
(V. Hoover)

December, 2013 - "Jeff is an absolute professional. While the audience was very modest, he still gave 110%. Great sound, great rapport with the audience, and he's the master of the loop! Happy to have him join the Cozy Cabin family of artists."
(L. Bolton)

October, 2013 - "Jeff is an amazing artist...he showed us all something we had never seen before...his looper. At times you would have thought there was a six piece band performing. Jeff's skill on the acoustic guitar along with his great vocals and awesome rendition of a Beatles classic held my audience spellbound. I've already inserted Jeff into my October 2014 slot and I'm sure we'll have double the audience when word gets around...not to mention how pleasant and personable Jeff is too! Highly recommended!"
(P. DeLorenzo)

October, 2013 - "We were happy to have Jeff return for another in home concert, many of whom came back to hear him again as he presented a few favorites plus some new material. Great job!!"
(C. Hasbrouck)

October, 2012 - "Jeff's dessert concert last night was well-received by 8 of our friends and neighbors!!! It was a good mix of music, conversation and even education as he explained his looping system! We are looking forward to having him back again!"
(C. Hasbrouck)

March 2011 - I would like to recommend Jeff. He played my series and he was wonderful. He is an extremely talented musician and his music is just great. He's a really nice guy too.
(P. Vercammen)

Fall 2009
Jeff Miller was wonderful! The only difference between Jeff and performers who make millions of dollars is the money. His talent level is the same. He is a very original artist who can sing and play with the best, and he is a truly nice young man. -- J. Clay

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