Recommendations for Jesse Terry

March, 2020 - "Once again, Jesse Terry enchanted the Music Room audience with his wonderful talent and great voice. He also surprised us with a few new songs that we have never heard before. He is one of our regular performers and he and his family are a welcome addition to our home and have become great friends!. We could not recommend him more! Keep uf the great work Jesse"
(C. Teichman)

March, 2020 - "This was my second time hosting Jesse. It was even better than the first. The quality of his music is exceptionally high. Jesse is friendly and low-key and easy to work with."
(P. Schreiber)

January, 2020 - "What an awesome show Jesse did at our house!!! He continues to amaze us and he did that for everyone in our audience. At one point during a song when he mentioned the moon, the clouds parted and the full moon appeared glaring down through the glass roof in our was just amazing!What timing! We would have him back in a heartbeat!!He is a kind soul and a magical performer!"
(B. Lancaster)

January, 2020 - "Jesse’s concert in my home was absolutely fabulous. He is an engaging musician with excellent virtuosity, meaningful original lyrics, a charming personality and the dearest smile. My friends and I were captivated and you will be , as well!"
(J. Eichenbaum)

August, 2019 - "Jesse Terry is a personable, talented singer songwriter who really connected with our audience. Connection is the most important ingredient to a great house concert. The line between relevant talking between songs and wasting time can be a fine line. Jesse never got close to the line. In Addition to great music, Terry really engaged with the audience."
(J. Jaeger)

July, 2019 - "Excellent performance filled with a warm vibe and great melodies. Jesse's full bag of great songs will stick with you."
(F. Snyder)

April, 2019 - "Wonderful as always. Our audience loved Jessie and the show. We look forward to having him again"
(L. Allen)

April, 2019 - "Jesse Terry has become a regular at The Music Room and never disappoints. He was his usual charming, funny and oh so talented self. As a bonus he came with his wife Jess, Baby Lilly and dog Harrison. They have become great friends and we always look forward to his appearance here. I highly recommend him for an evening of fun and great songs."
(C. Teichman)

March, 2019 - "We thoroughly enjoyed having Jesse perform for us. His songwriting is exemplary. His voice is amazing and his guitar playing is excellent. I can't recommend Jesse enough. Jesse and his family stayed with us so we got to meet his wife and daughter. We had breakfast together and had a chance to get to know them a little. They are wonderful people. If you are looking for a great evening of entertainment you need to contact Jesse and set a date for a show."
(G. Calmes)

February, 2019 - "Jesse is wonderful--really soulful and intimate music and a generous and congenial guest. Our audience loves him--this was a return visit--and his dog Jackson and our dog Henry got along great! Arrangements were easy to do."
(A. Miller)

February, 2018 - "We had a great night with Jesse. Typical New England weather outside but that didnt stop Jesse or the guests. We had a full house!. Jesse was great. He was interactive with the audience. Came early and stayed late. Music and song selection was perfect. A great night was had by all. Super easy to work with. Highly recommend."
(J. Michienzi)

December, 2017 - "Jesse Terry is one of the favorite entertainers at The Music Room and never disappoints us. He was charming and sincere, as always, and this year he was able to include some Christmas songs that gave the evening a very warm and intimate feel. We were all pleased to hear songs from his latest CD Stargazer and many left with CD's in hand to listen to on the way home. It is always a pleasure to have Jesse play The Music Room and he has become a friend that is always welcome back."
(C. Teichman)

July, 2017 - "The first time Jesse performed in our series we were both in the emerging stage. I think there were 7 guests, and I was mortified. Last year's show sold out, and I couldn't fit another person in the room at today's show. When Jesse performs a house concert it's as though we're all friends hanging out in his living room. He performed brand new songs, old favorites, and an unusual amount of covers and no one complained because it was that kind of afternoon. We love being his road family!"
(L. Bolton)

April, 2017 - "Jesse presented a wonderful show for our audience of 21 on a Friday evening in our living room. He was warm, friendly and very conversational with our crowd, often explaining the stories behind the songs and responding to comments from attendees. Many loved his performance and those responding to our post-concert survey have rated him a very solid 4.0 on our 1 to 5 scale (with 5 being the best score). If there's a more easy-going artist out there, I haven't met him or her yet! :-)"
(C. Moore)

October, 2016 - "We waited three years for Jesse's return and it was well worth the wait! Several first timers and our faithful regulars enjoyed an epic afternoon of song and stories. Whether playing for 7, 70, or 700, Jesse is always simply happy to play, period. He loves house concerts, loves sharing his stories, loves collaborating with other performers and gives 100% at every show. Honored to be his Jersey Mama!"
(L. Bolton)

July, 2016 - "Finally, we got our chance to host Jesse at the Little Courtyard! We have enjoyed him in other venues, and he and I have danced around trying to get a show arranged and finally, FINALLY, we made it happen, and OH, what a great night! It was worth the wait! Our guests had such a wonderful time while he "tried on" some of his newly written material. He is definitely the real deal, such a pro, but makes it seem effortless. Can't wait to see him again!!!!"
(B. Brogan)

January, 2016 - "Jesse was fabulous!! He weaved his stories into his music and created a night to remember. We will definitely schedule an encore show!!"
(E. Graham)

December, 2015 - "Jesse Terry was wonderful, as always. The audience loved his songs and great stories. He totally engaged the audience and they were thrilled with him. Jesse also brought some great guests with him, including a wonderful musician that he is touring with, Korby Lenker. The night was totally enjoyable by all. Can't wait to have him back. He is no doubt, one of our favorites!"
(C. Teichman)

September, 2015 - "Jesse is a great performer - his voice is clear, his guitar work is strong - he is a joy to listen to. And he tells great stories. Our audience had a wonderful time, as did we."
(L. Allen)

January, 2015 - "Perfection!"
(J. Thurman)

October, 2014 - "What a sweet performer! Jesse's heartfelt and sincere delivery deeply enhances his already wonderful songs. He is a great stage presence, and our friends just fell in love with him. He also was really conscientious about communicating well and setting everything up, and we truly enjoyed his visit. Very considerate and professional, thoughtful and friendly. We immediately booked him again eighteen months from now for a return visit!"
(A. Miller)

August, 2014 - "Jesse did a wonderful performance and really connected with the audience - everyone loved the music and the back stories about his songs and life on the road. He puts on a great show! He and his wife were very considerate and great at staying in touch throughout the process. We highly recommend seeing or hosting Jesse Terry!"
(H. Baker)

July, 2014 - "This show was three singer / songwriters from Nashville. Jesse Terry handled all the details, and did so flawlessly. Many people said this was our best show ever - the talent of these tree was amazing. Songwriting, performing, singing - all 1st rate. They engaged our audience like few performers can. They are real pros!! They all stayed in my home, and were perfect guests. Fun, clean, easy to get along with. I'd have them back any time!!"
(D. Smith)

March, 2014 - "Jesse was an absolute delight! He captivated the crowd with his wonderful stories. He also interacted with the audience in a very upbeat and humorous way. He even made my painting of Neil Diamond our new mascot with his witty comments and participation from the audience. He was warm and gracious and I would absolutely have him back again when we can work out a date. I love that he has such a busy schedule touring the country and the world, and look forward to his return to The Music Room!"
(C. Teichman)

February, 2014 - "There is a good reason why Jesse was chosen as one of CIYH's artists of the year for 2013! He is a complete package - excellent guitar skills, charisma, wonderful storyteller, beautiful singer. The audience, who did not know Jesse, was entranced. He further endeared himself by playing a requested James Taylor song flawlessly. His songs are rich lyrically and musically. While it is clear he was inspired by such greats as Jackson Brown, James Taylor and Neil Young, he is unique and unforgettable."
(B. Shiller)

December, 2013 - "Jesse and Jess (his wife) were a complete delight to host. The performance was EPIC! He's a real showman who brought a great mix of music and storytelling. Really something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, one of the most positive people you'll ever have the pleasure to meet."
(C. Dewick)

October, 2013 - "Jesse was everything we expected and more. Easy going personality, superb musicianship, wonderfully entertaining between-song banter, beautiful songs both lyrically and vocally. My modest but savvy audience thoroughly enjoyed his performance, and we're delighted to welcome him to our Cozy Cabin music family."
(L. Bolton)

September, 2013 - "Jesse is a very talented songwriter and guitar player. His wonderful voice and great story telling provide for an engaging show that everyone attending enjoyed very much. He and wife Jess are very personable and friendly. He maintained great communication prior to the event, so all went very smoothly. We enjoyed hosting Jesse thoroughly and would recommend him to other hosts."
(K. Cunningham)

August, 2013 - "Jesse Terry is joy to know and is a true entertainment professional. Jesse has a beautiful voice, is a skilled guitar player and a gifted songwriter. His real strength is his ability to express his music, his story and his life through his exhuberant and joyful personality. He engaged with the audience between songs and made the room feel warm, friendly and intimate. The music Jesse played was captivating to the entire group and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. I recommend Jesse highly!!"
(M. New)

August, 2013 - "Jesse Terry's performance was inspiring. His writing is on par with the best artists I know in Nashville, and his playing and singing is also very strong. He engages the audience as well as any performer we've had with his stories and wit. Jesse had serious car trouble in the days leading up to the event, and even had to leave his car and rent one to make the show on time! Such dedication is appreciated. He and his wife were wonderful house guests - we'd have them back any time."
(D. Smith)

May, 2013 - "Jesse Terry, accompanied by his dad (Michael) on keyboard, delivered an upbeat and very entertaining show. Jesse mixed his 90-minute performance with previously recorded and brand new material, as well as a James Taylor and a Neil Young song (Harvest Moon). Jesse’s performance was energetic and lively and he shared the story behind several of his songs. Jesse’s performance was one of the better house concerts that I have hosted. I recommend him highly."
(R. Beliveau)

April, 2013 - "Jesse's talent is really incredible. His song lyrics were very clever and enjoyable, say nothing of his instrumental abilities on the guitar. We and our audience enjoyed heartfelt stories which led into his very creative songs. He provided a great variety of music. You won't find a more delightful and kind musician than Jesse."
(E. Anders)

April, 2013 - "Charm and personality wrapped up in talent - that is Jesse. Loved his show, loved him."
(T. Mauro)

April, 2013 - "Jesse Terry far exceeded my expectations. He responded promptly to all preshow communications and made preparation much easier. He was a kind, clean, and thoughtful house guest. Choosing Jesse to open our new concert series was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He quickly endeared himself to all my guests, performed an incredible concert full of his amazing original songs, and even paid special attention to a young man with a talent for music. I would welcome Jesse Terry any time!"
(S. Newcomb)

March, 2013 - "Jesse is a very talented songwriter. Very nice mix of songs and a relaxed pacing of the show with great audience rapport. Response from guests was universally positive. Jesse has a fantastic voice that blends well with his guitar playing which is superb. He took time to meet with the audience before and after the show. The set up and soundcheck was quick and painless. He's an easy guest to host and kept us posted on traffic delays prior to arrival."
(L. Allen)

October, 2012 - "We had a wonderful musical afternoon with Jesse -- he's a terrific singer with strong material, and an immensely charming, likable person and performer. A pleasure to deal with and to listen to. Thanks for playing for us, Jesse!"
(M. McLeod)

March, 2012 - "From first contact through taking him back to the airport after the show, working with Jesse Terry was an absolute joy! Jesse is a gifted singer/songwriter and his rapport and engagement with the audience made us all feel like we had a new best friend. The quality of his performance was exceptionally high. Jesse was a houseguest for 3 nights and it was a delight to have him. Highly recommended!"
(J. Thurman)

October, 2011 - "Our HC with Jesse and his dad, Michael, was a wonderful experience filled with great music, laughter and a few tears. Jesse's performance was that of a heartfelt singer-songwriter who has stories to share both in his music and with his dialog. They moved the audience with soulful vocals, beautiful guitar and warm piano as they shared their hearts through music. Book him if you can, a 10+ show."
(P. Kane)

August, 2011 - "Jesse is a blast - very talented, amazing vocals, guitar work, and songwriting. His bride to be and father were both there that night, so it was a night to remember. Based on the reviews I have read of other shows, I expect they are all nights to remember. His interaction with the crowd was classic - very funny and engaging artist. Book Jesse - you will love it!"
(P. Pfaffenberger)

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