Recommendations for Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield

October, 2019 - "Roy and Kim put on a fabulous show. It was good to see old friends. They also brought along bassist,Tom Callahan, who added a great deal to Roy's and Kim's sound. The audience loved them and some have already asked when they will be back. If you haven't yet booked Roy and Kim, you should do so."
(D. Swan)

September, 2019 - "Roy and Kim impressed our intimate group of 17 fans. Always great to have this lovely couple visit."
(F. Snyder)

July, 2019 - "What a great show! Roy and Kim play and sing together so well; combining percussion with guitars, mandolin and ukulele in various ways to give a full band sound. This time they brought along Thom Callahan on bass to give that full, rich harmony. Everyone was delighted with both the performance and the interaction with the trio: it was a relaxed and fun evening. The stories about the songs always add another dimension. Two truly gifted writers and storytellers as well as superb musicians."
(L. Allen)

April, 2019 - "Roy and Kim put on a very enjoyable show. Roy is an excellent guitar player and I loved the sound of his old Silvertone electric guitar. He also plays a very nice Martin Acoustic. Kim played guitar,and mandolin and both sang. They performed a lot of original songs from their new album as well as come covers. They had very good audience engagement with good stories in between songs. Their dog Banjo and our three dogs had a good time before and after the show."
(J. Wolf)

October, 2018 - "We had our first full house with the Reckless Saints last night! Roy and Kim are just wonderful musicians, songwriting and entertainers! We love them and our audience does too! One couple took the next day off so they could attend the show! They are easy to work with, great guests and really nice people. I can't say enough good stuff about them. If you haven't seen them you should and if you haven't booked them you must!"
(T. Chara)

July, 2018 - "Reckless Saints were far from Reckless. Roy and Kim together rocked our Yurt. The songwriting talent of Roy is a force to be recconed with."
(C. Krolick)

June, 2018 - "The Saints did it again. We were delighted with Roy and Kim. The lyrics of the songs, the stories behind the lyrics, and technical ability of Roy and Kim kept us laughing, tapping our feet, and fully engaged. They shared with us their slant on life. Enjoyable house guests, and great conversationalists."
(B. Amidon)

June, 2017 - "Roy and Kim were delightful. They arrived in plenty of time to set up, are great house guests, and the music was fabulous! I enjoyed listening to Roy play the guitar at odd times during their visit, and all of our guests enjoyed the show. Great songs, nice harmonies, voices blended well, interesting stories, an all-around strong performance."
(L. Allen)

June, 2017 - "Roy and Kim -- The Reckless Saints -- were off-the-charts great. The backstories, the musicianship, the songwriting, all were top-notch. Our audience loved every moment, including the post-concert impromptu songfest. Roy and Kim were also most excellent house guests. We'll be delighted to host them again someday!"
(C. Wood)

March, 2017 - "Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield (soon to be known as The Reckless Saints) knocked it out of the park again. This was their 10th show at my house. They showcased new songs and delivered old favorites to a packed house of newly found fans and their loyal following. They brought 2 guitars, a mandolin, a banjo, drums, harmonica and percussion thingies, played them all to perfection while delivering well written lyrics with heart and soul. No problems with booking, and both are awesome guests."
(A. Schaefer)

November, 2016 - "Roy and Kim are a real crowd pleaser here and we love to host them. They have have been here several times and even stayed overnight with no show, we like them that much! We love the range of music Roy writes, the variety of instruments they play and their great personalities. Check them out if you haven't. We just can't say enough good stuff about them."
(T. Chara)

July, 2016 - "Roy is a great entertainer - was over the top with his fun stories, his guitar with harmonica keeping the 34 of us jammin'. A great show for a holiday weekend July 2 - We will/hope to have Roy back. One cannot go wrong with Roy. His duo partner had family obligations. I would bet the 2 of them put on a great show although Roy will be hard to beat! Book em' - a great house guest."
(J. Paul)

March, 2016 - "Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield put on an outstanding show for an SRO crowd and received a well-deserved standing ovation. They wowed their loyal fans as well as a good number of newbies. I wasn't surprised as this duo never fails to be engaging with the audience, has musical talent galore and shows their love of the art of the song with every performance. Pre-show communication was flawless (8 years in a row!) and I would give them the keys to the house if they needed an overnight stay."
(A. Schaefer)

August, 2015 - "We love Roy and Kim and our audience did too last night! Great voices, skilled musicians, broad range of offerings kept everyone thrilled to be there. Not only are they talented musicians, their easy going personalities make them easy to like, a joy to listen to and great house guests, too. If you haven't heard them, you should and book them today!"
(T. Chara)

March, 2015 - "Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield continue to amaze and embody the Americana genre. They appear in my living room once a year and always make it seem like the first time with new songs, (AND old favorites with new twists), enthusiasm and expertise in a house concert setting. Seeing them perform never gets old. They are pros at pre concert communication and although they never stay over, they always have access to the keys to the house. I'm already looking forward to "same time next year"!"
(A. Schaefer)

October, 2014 - "Roy and Kim were fantastic, with great playing and singing with lots of upbeat songs. We were so pleased with their change up of instruments and song types. Roy is a great songwriter and talented guitar picker. Kim was not only great accompaniment, but a talented musician and singer in her own right. They were so engaging that our audience gave them a standing ovation at the end! Easy to work with and so appreciative, we look forward to having them back!"
(T. Chara)

July, 2014 - "Roy provided us with a wonderful evening of music. His interactions with the audience enhanced the show beyond belief. I highly recommend any host to invite Roy in for a show. The folks who attended were asking him to return next year. He communication in advance of the show made all arrangements easy, and everything went effortlessly. Roy's show was excellent, as we had many young people at this show, and they enjoyed it. They were excellent house guests. Hope to see them again soon."
(V. Hoover)

June, 2014 - "Roy and Kim were a delight. They are true professionals. Their music performance was flawless. Roy's songwriting is so beautiful and his stories before each song added depth and meaning to the lyrics. As house guests they quickly became friends. They are easy to accommodate and very comfortable to be around. Our audience loved them. Book them if you can!"
(J. Lynch)

March, 2014 - "I don't know what I can say that I haven't said before! Hosting Roy and Kim annually has become the anchor concert for Music4meAndU. Last night was standing room only as everyone wants to hear them due to the quality of their music and the warmth of their personalities. Roy always has new songs that quickly become old favorites. We gave them a standing ovation and were disappointed when the encore was over Book them if you can, you will not be disappointed!"
(A. Schaefer)

January, 2014 - "Roy has been one of HOOSONANNY'S favorite performers since the beginning. What has been great is to see his wife, Kim, blossom into a performer also. They continue to develop great harmony. Roy's songs are poignant and fun and when he does the occasional cover he has a way of making it his own. Highly recommended."
(B. Hooson)

March, 2013 - "After 5 years of hosting Roy and Kim, the reviews are still rave! A regular guest said, "They just keep getting better and better." We laughed, and cried a little, and everyone was sorry when the evening was done. The music was played perfectly and the mutual connection was very, very real. When I think of Americana I think of Roy Schneider. Pre-concert communication was great. I still give them an A+++ and recommend them without hesitation."
(A. Schaefer)

August, 2012 - "Roy and Kim came back for the second time and again put on a great show. Originals, covers, harmonies all professionaly done, completely engaging the audience. Once again, the booking was easy and straightforward. Roy and Kim are the kind of folks you like to hang around, plus they make amazing music together. We had another house guest, a young man from Spain, who is learning guitar and Roy took time to teach and play with him. We look forward to their return next year!"
(J. Emerson)

June, 2012 - "Roy (and his wife Kim) put on a great show. There is a very nice variety to his songs, he plays with gusto and excellent technique, and Kim adds just the right harmonies and accompaniment. His music deserves a wider audience, and I'd highly recommend him. We heard some songs off his forthcoming album, which should be a good one! They were also very kind people and pleasant house guests."
(D. Holiday)

June, 2012 - "We and our invites loved Roy and Kim's performance. Delightful evening that held true to the description of Roy's music,...master talent of the guitar and song writing. I spend my time now listening to Roy's Erleichda CD...most excellent!"
(E. Anders)

March, 2012 - "Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield were great! I would host them again in a second. They were professional, kind and have a great sound and stage presence. The audience responded very well to Roy's upbeat stories and songs. We really enjoyed meeting them!"
(C. Murphy)

February, 2012 - "I couldn't ask for anything more from a House Concert show. Roy has it all, voice, lyrics, instrumental skills and a personality that is engaging and warm. Add Kim Mayfield to the mix and you've got the recipe for an great evening..."
(A. Schaefer)

February, 2012 - "This was our second show with Roy and we will definitely have more in the future. Roy's wife Kim is performing with him and as good as Roy's act is a solo, Kim really compliments his music. Great houseguests and great living room performers. What more could you ask for?"
(B. Hooson)

October, 2011 - "If Roy comes by, you are in for a fabulous night! Talented guitar work and beautiful engaging voice. Foston loves Roy and we can't wait for his next UK tour. A wonderfully entertaining evening with music and conversation."
(C. Davies)

March 2009
Roy played at our house this past spring. He was an easy artist to accommodate, and he put on one heck of a show that evening as well. His mix of humor and sincerity went a long way with our crowd, and we were very happy to have him at our house. He's playing out more and more these days too...he's a no brainer in my book! -- Bart

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