Recommendations for Rupert Wates

June, 2020 - "Rupert Wates was scheduled for one show before the pandemic broke. Instead, he played 3 outdoor, social distanced shows to ensure small audience numbers. Each show was as enjoyable as if he were playing to his usual large audience. This performance was the ‘balm for the soul’ needed for this moment in time and our audience can’t wait for his return. I am genuinely appreciative of Rupert’s efforts to share his music with us in the safest way possible."
(D. Goodband)

January, 2020 - "Fabulous was the word echoing through the room.Ruperts expertise and professionalism shown like a beacon. The man is a brilliant guitarist and prolific song writer, he didn't disappoint.He sang like the artist he is. I have heard from every person who came what a great concert it was. Mr. Wates has wonderful command of the audience and reads them well. Any host will boost their reputaion by booking this man."
(H. Dahlhauser)

January, 2020 - "Rupert is wonderful--really soulful and intimate music and a generous and congenial guest. Our audience loves him-this was return visit #5."
(J. Borger)

January, 2020 - "Rupert is a highly competent performer. He has a good voice and is a very skilled guitarist. We got a lot of good feedback from our audience."
(J. Wolf)

December, 2019 - "As usual, Rupert didn’t disappoint our audience. His song writing is superb and delivery extraordinary! He is a fantastic guitarist who has mastered many different tunings and picking styles. He enchants our audience each time he appears. A delight to present in our living room."
(S. Mills)

November, 2019 - "Rupert put on a wonderful show last evening. We had a full house plus a couple and everyone seemed to have a great time. The songs Rupert sang were all on the money; light and thoughtful songs, with a few humorous ones thrown in. Many have already asked when Rupert might return. He was also a great guest and we had a wonderful convo after the concert and over breakfast the next morning. We sure hope that Rupert can fit us into his busy schedule again."
(D. Swan)

October, 2019 - "One cannot find a finer musician than Rupert Wates. His song writing, singing and guitar performance were exquisite. His songs paint a picture and through them he brings his audience on a journey through his imagination. He was easy to work with in booking the show and did not despair as the concert date ended up being the same date as day 4 of the World Series, something no one could have predicted. He was a perfect house guest with minimal needs."

October, 2019 - "Wow! Rupert was amazing. He is the whole package. His guitar playing was stellar and his lyrics showcased a very rare poetic gift with his beautiful folk hymns. His songs were diverse in style performing on three luthier built guitars with unique tunings. My only regret is the room was not full. I am glad we are on his route when he travels from NYC to Toronto. Thank You Rupert for a great show!"
(D. Hamer)

October, 2019 - "Rupert delighted the audience at the Chosen Bean with his performance. They were mesmerized by his intricate finger style guitar while listening keenly to his carefully crafted lyrics. His stories between songs were engaging and lively and brought lots of smiles. It's not hard to understand why Rupert is an LRN favorite, year after year. Easy house guest! Don't hesitate to book or host him."
(J. Martin)

October, 2019 - "Rupert Wates, in person, is even better than his videos and CDs. This man is an experienced professional who charmed and entertained our rapt audience. He puts on a terrific show. Rupert is guitarist/singer/songwriter of exceptional proficiency, with a style showing influences from British, French and American traditions. His patter was endearing and cogent and he is a terrific house guest, to boot! Book him! Kathleen, The Montgomery Court House"
(K. Roche-Zujko)

September, 2019 - "This is the third time Rupert has played at our house and each time he gets better and better. His songwriting is thoughtful and thought provoking. His guitar playing is captivating. And he knows how to engage an audience. It was another wonderful show."
(M. Kaufman)

September, 2019 - "I feel as if the museum has finally grown up enough to do justice to Rupert's incredible talent. He is extraordinary. He tells great stories, writes very meaningful lyrics, and his compositions are beautiful. Listening to him sing is almost an out of body experience. He transports us to other places. The places are all about life. I watched the audience close their eyes and enjoy the evening. It's such a privilege to have this level of talent at the museum. We can't wait to have him back again."
(H. Lipson)

July, 2019 - "This was the second time we have hosted Rupert, and he did not disappoint! His songs are wonderful, with often thought-provoking lyrics. He's a master with the guitar. His story-telling and interaction with the audience draws everyone in and provides exactly the experience we want for with an in-home concert. Rupert is easy to work with and communicate with, and almost always gets back to you within a day via e-mail. He's an easy house guest. If you have a chance to book Rupert, do it!"
(D. Korb)

June, 2019 - "Couldn't be happier with Ruperts performance. Flawless, fun and everything went smoothly. He's a great storyteller and performer. Thank you, Carol"
(C. Gomes)

April, 2019 - "Rupert's smooth and heartfelt vocal style conveys the message that each of his original songs imparts. His connection with the audience is genuine, and we will be talking about his performance for a long time. He is very talented as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter."
(A. Fletcher)

April, 2019 - "Rupert arrived in plenty of time to set up which was lovely. His set-up was efficient and professional. His guitar playing is impressive, including compositions and improvisations that channel Leo Kottke and Bert Jansch. He interacted well with the audience both on stage and off, and his lyrics were thoughtful and heartfelt. We received positive comments from everyone here and some were even moved to tears."
(L. Allen)

February, 2019 - "Please do yourself a favor as a host and book him as soon as you can. He gave such a fantastic performance Sunday., the audience was enthralled not only with his singing but he finesses a guitar with the touch of a master. He is an artist who reads his audience well. He is a very appreciative of any effort one makes as a host. He is a witty entertainer who guides his audiences through a myriad of experiences. It would appear the British Invasion continues."
(H. Dahlhauser)

February, 2019 - "Great show. Super guitar playing and some British humor!!"
(S. Ottewell)

February, 2019 - "We were delighted to have Rupert back, and so was our audience! Easy and generous artist with great musicianship and a pleasure to speak with and learn from."
(A. Miller)

December, 2018 - "Rupert was once again a Fantastic Entertainer. He totally involves the audience and is a favorite at The Music Room. Rupert was joined by his partner Stacey Lorin Merkl who added to the show with her beautiful voice. Rupert made the night even more special, by surprising us with a song at the end of the eventing for my husband and I to dance to in celebration of our upcoming anniversary. Rupert is always professional and a pleasure to have at The Music Room. He has performed here often and has become a dear friend I would highly recommend him."
(C. Teichman)

October, 2018 - "Rupert is a Pro. There is a reason he was twice voted as a CIYH performer of the year! Wonderful interaction with the audience combined with incredible artistry in his performance. Rupert is a considerate and appreciative house guest. His second concert with us was fresh and full of new material. A pleasure to work with and host...Highly recommended."
(P. Kane)

September, 2018 - "Rupert Wates filled the house again and the audience once again gave him a standing ovation. Well-deserved. Superb guitarist, his songs are meaningful and moving and he connects with an audience in a way that few other artists do. Rupert’s lyrics are for the thinking music lover—there is always more than beautiful music. Pre-show arrangements were a breeze. Rupert is a welcome and considerate guest and we look forward to the next show which can’t come soon enough. Book this artist ASAP!"
(D. Goodband)

September, 2018 - "We loved having Rupert back for a concert of lyrical, thought-provoking, and sometimes haunting songs. We find him to be one of the most charming balladeers with beautiful personal and universal songs."
(M. Fromherz)

September, 2018 - "Rupert is magical. His songwriting and guitar playing are so superb. Unfortunately, because of Labor Day, (we think) - the concert was not well attended. However, Rupert said he didn't mind because the people who were there were engaged and enthusiastic and very appreciative. His stories are interesting and fun. His knowledge of historical things is amazing. His new CD is a big hit and it was great hearing he is up for a Grammy. We will definitely have him back if he will come. "
(H. Lipson)

July, 2018 - "Rupert has the magic combination that makes him an outstanding artist. His musical talent and beautiful, rich voice leaves no question that he has a special gift, and his easy, comfortable manner interacting with the audience ensures that all feel welcome and have a wonderful time. He was an easy house guest, very gracious. We will definitely invite Rupert back at every opportunity. Incredible musician, and just all around nice guy."
(D. Korb)

July, 2018 - "Rupert is a fantastic entertainer. He kept the audience wanting more with his great voice, awesome guitar skills, and the stories he shared between songs. He engaged the audience throughout the performance. Rupert is a great guy to visit with, very easy-going, and entertaining. I hope to host him again in the future when he passes through this area. Thank you Rupert for a great show!"
(P. DeSmet)

June, 2018 - "Rupert has performed in my home many times. Each time has been a huge hit but this last one he outdid himself. His depth and sensitivity are no small part of his repertoire. Rupert has been compared to Gordon Lightfoot but he is in a catagory by himself. He reads an audience well, he has them in the palm of his hand. Even those who had seen him several times were amazed. He is a delight to have in my home. Please don't deprive yourself of booking this outstanding artist. He is a rare talent."
(H. Dahlhauser)

June, 2018 - "Rupert Wates is a spectacular entertainer and delights his audience with his voice, his virtuoso guitar playing and his heartfelt lyrics. Rupert is the best lyricist I believe I have ever heard. His songs are from the heart and reflect his own personality and great human spirit. We loved him, our audience loved him and we WILL have him back! Don't hesitate to invite Rupert to your house."
(B. Sands)

June, 2018 - "Rupert was a delight. His songwriting is superb and his performance was captivating...from his pure vocals to his wonderful guitar skills. He was also very accommodating...from changing the performance date to a last-minute shift indoors to escape rain showers. It was all great."
(M. Mose)

June, 2018 - "Our second concert in SC, sold out in 3 days. The reason, Rupert Wates and the awesome videos he shared on our invitations!! Folks were already in love with him when they walked in the door. Our new neighbor hood is very musically oriented and love independent artists. Rupert’s expertise at songwriting, guitar and awesome voice got two enthusiastic standing ovations. We have been honored to have hosted Rupert for the 4th time. John & Marlene Borger"
(J. Borger)

May, 2018 - "Rupert held our audience in his gracious hands throughout the concert. His many styles and moods made for a fantastic evening of music."
(J. Roberts)

May, 2018 - "We Love Rupert. We have had him twice, and enjoy his songs, his talent, and his personality. He makes us feel, which is what I want songs to do. Have him come to your home concert and be bedazzled."
(B. Amidon)

April, 2018 - "Rupert was Fantastic! We would definitely love to have him return for more concerts. "The best guitar player You have had" was one comment we received. Rupert gave us a wonderful evening of music, lyrics and reflection. Some songs were fun and others brought a tear to my eyes. We enjoyed having Rupert stay with us. He is a very interesting and engaging individual. Rupert is a true professional who will give you everything he has. We all had a wonderful time!"
(G. Calmes)

April, 2018 - "Rupert has an excellent voice and very clean guitar work. He has a friendly stage presence and our audience enjoyed his show."
(J. Wolf)

April, 2018 - "We love Rupert - what an incredible acoustical genius. This was a repeat performance & our guests loved him. His personality is so laid back that it feels like family. Thank you again Rupert!!"
(C. Rolph)

March, 2018 - "Rupert was a joy to work with. He won over our audience with his wit, entertaining songs and guitar work. We will be sure to have him return so more of our audience can get to hear him."
(S. Nagys)

March, 2018 - "Perhaps the true defintion of art is that it withstands the test of time or becomes greater. I have hosted Rupert many times and I didn't think it was possible but he was even better then before. His voice, his sensitivity to the human condition, and awareness aside from his voice give him a range that is improbable.On top of that his modesty and humor mark him apart.Give yourself the privilege of hosting this person. You will become a sought after host,I promise..He shines in all ways."
(H. Dahlhauser)

March, 2018 - "Rupert is a pro and it shows. There's a good reason he won CIYH performer of the year twice. His new songs are a delight, old favorites such as "Prisoner of the open road" sound fresh. Flawless guitar playing enhances it all. Rupert was kind enough to sing Happy Birthday to one of the guests and dedicated a song to a couple celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary. All in all a memorable evening. No pre show issues and though he didn't stay over he would be welcome."
(A. Schaefer)

February, 2018 - "In our six years of house concerts no artist has delighted our audiences more than Rupert Wates. Even though he has been our performing guest a half dozen times we never tire of this lyrical genius. His annual visits hint of homecoming for his Missouri friends and we anticipate his next visit in 2019."
(C. Singer)

February, 2018 - "Rupert performed a lovely show in our home. The audience enjoyed both his music and his stories."
(C. Mccauley)

January, 2018 - "Rupert is a fabulous artist/songwriter who connected with all attendees. His lead-ins and music are very personable and draw you in to listen to every word. His music is truly soulful. He was very appreciative of our house concert series and always welcome back! Absolutely one of my crowd favorites."
(J. O'Kelly)

December, 2017 - "Rupert is a marvel -- a resonant and playful voice, amazing guitar work, and a wry, tender writing style. He is entirely professional and thorough in his contacts and preparation, and makes all guests feel connected. And yes, a fine house guest and pleasure to feed."
(T. Kohlenberg)

November, 2017 - "There are great singers, there are great writers, there are great players, and there are great performers. There are NOT a lot of people who tick ALL of those boxes. Rupert Wates is just such a guy. His show here at Common House Concerts was everything we'd hoped for and more. Thumbs way up!"
(S. Chiasson)

November, 2017 - "What a great talent. Rupert wooed the full house to give a standing ovation. He puts together a great show every time. Easy to work with and it is an honor to have such a talent visit our small community. Thanks again Rupert for a great show."
(K. Perrin)

October, 2017 - "Rupert Wates is one of our favorite performers at the Music Room and he, once again, pleased the audience with his warm personality, excellent songwriting skills, and fantastic guitar playing. Rupert never fails to have new songs to add to his repertoire as well as the favorites we have come to love. He was accompanied by the talented Trifon Dimitrov and beautiful vocals by Stacey Lorin. It is always a pleasure to have him at The Music Room!"
(C. Teichman)

September, 2017 - "Rupert Wates is an extremely talented guitarist with a beautiful voice. Everyone enjoyed his show. He was also a very gracious and grateful guest. Even though the turnout wasn't as large as I had hoped he wanted to come and play anyway, and I appreciated this very much. Before the show started my guests and l enjoyed talking with him. I wish him much success. If you have a chance to see or have him play I highly recommend it!"
(J. Procko-Drozd)

September, 2017 - "This was a great concert! I'm a performing artist myself and I'm not easily impressed, but this guy was amazing. I really like his stage personality and musicianship. I highly recommend."
(H. Walker)

September, 2017 - "Rupert was a total professional, both in terms of our preshow communication and the presentation of his performance. A significant majority of our audience of 23 thoroughly enjoyed his show, as our post show survey results included eight "5" responses and his overall average was a 4.07 on our "5 star" scale, with a total of 15 people responding. He's an extremely talented guitar player and performer and was also a cordial house guest. We enjoyed hosting him."
(C. Moore)

September, 2017 - "What a delightful evening--Rupert Wates is certainly the real deal: total professional, great story-teller, fabulous guitarist, instant rapport with the audience, wonderful singing voice, evocative songs that told a very personal story or historical event that made you feel you were there! We loved having him as a guest, as well. We will look forward to a return visit!"
(S. Mills)

August, 2017 - "Another WOW! night of music with Rupert. Quotes from our guests: "How can anyone play guitar like that?" "This is the best concert I have ever been too!" "This was my first house concert and I will keep coming back with musicians like this!" Rupert spent a lot of time mixing and mingling with the crowd both before and after the show. He has an excellent connection with the audience during the show and kept them very engaged. His music is incredible! Thanks for a great show."
(D. Mathews)

August, 2017 - "Our capacity audience at The Ruin was once again treated to the beautiful music and storytelling of Rupert Wates. His talent is undeniable and we so enjoy hosting him. Rupert is a welcome guest in our home and, having hosted him twice, we consider him a friend! If you have the opportunity to have Rupert play a house concert for you-do it!! You and you audience will be the better for it!"
(S. Acrich)

August, 2017 - "WOW. Unbelievable experience with Mr. Rupert Wates. His talent was impeccable, the sound system was perfect and he engaged our guests' before/during/after the event. We held it in our backyard and had close to 50 of our best friends and neighbors join us. Our guests were mesmerized and are anxious for us to do this again ... many indicated they want to hold them as well. All in all, was an outstanding experience and though apprehensive initially, was 100x better then we could have imagined."
(R. Brigham)

July, 2017 - "Our audience thoroughly enjoyed Rupert's performance. What a glorious evening. Rupert is a troubadour in every sense of the word: stellar songwriter; excellent musician; and an ability to connect with his audience and bring them meaningful art. Bravo. We've already discussed next year's booking date. Highly recommend."
(D. Bruce)

July, 2017 - "Rupert is one of our very favorites. I adore so many of his songs, and it's always a treat to hear them live. Our audiences are always blown away. He transcends the genre."
(M. McLeod)

July, 2017 - "Rupert is an extremely talented song writer and performer. His voice is mellow and matches his style and music. His stories were delightful and he engaged with the audience in a very friendly manner. His songs are diverse and thoughtful. His guitars responded to his amazing abilities - whether strumming or fingering - so talented. Fingers virtually flew over the strings. Amazing tones. Great communication prior to the concert and he had a good interview with our local paper. He is great!"
(H. Lipson)

July, 2017 - "Great performance, wonderful musician. Rupert was wonderful, incredibly easy to work with and the crowd loved his performance - Highly recommend."
(C. Banks)

July, 2017 - "Rupert played in our living on July 8 for the 3rd time. Lord willing and the creek don't rise he will play here many more times. We love him and our audience can't get enough of him! Rupert is a gifted artist, his writing skills, guitar and voice are brilliant. He is a perfect house guest and we always wish he could stay longer."
(J. Borger)

June, 2017 - "The concert with Rupert Wates was a great success. I have received feed back from a number of people and they described it as a wonderful evening. The fact that Rupert composes his music and the audience contact makes the presentation feel very personal. A great evening. - Martha & Corky Nagel, Hosts"
(M. Young)

June, 2017 - "Rupert Wates is no stranger to Lakeside Music and has developed quite a following in our area. We asked him to do a ‘Dinner and Song’. 35 people showed up! A pleasant surprise. Rupert’s show was phenomenal. One said “I was sure he was singing directly to me.” No matter the theme of his music—justice, equality, love of life, freedoms, ideals, romance—he is always honest and real. Not afraid to write and sing about the brutal realities of life but always reminds us of love and hope for future."
(D. Goodband)

May, 2017 - "Packed house of about 20 folks. Ruperts performance was inspirational, transformational, and truly brilliant. Grabbing the present and the past in an emotive motionally fun and capturing style he sparked the deepest emotions in our souls.. His Harmonically brilliant voice, guitar, and stories blended perfectly into a night that many of us will not soon forget. Cheers for the very talented human being that Rupert radiates."
(C. Krolick)

May, 2017 - "Recommendation: Great, funny, and extremely talented! Private Comment: Sadly I wasn't able to attend Rupert's concert, but my friends who did said he was great, funny and extremely talented. I hope that one day I'll have the opportunity to hear Rupert perform at a venue near me. High marks simply for having faith that we could pull it together for him in my absence."
(D. Small)

May, 2017 - "Rupert quite simply an exceptional and gifted musician. The subtle definitions of his lyrics and gentle ease of his guitar playing, create nothing short of a powerful performance not to be missed when given the opportunity. Enhanced by his keyboard playing colleague, Bartosz, our audience was captivated throughout the entire evening. A great conversationalist and guest, we look forward to seeing Rupert come back through our doors here at The Pinnacle!"
(M. Legroulx)

April, 2017 - "Rupert brought his guitar virtuosity, his engaging lyrics, sense of humor and easy living room persona for a delightful Sunday afternoon concert on April 2. The WorldWind House concert attendees and I enjoyed having Rupert amidst us and would love to have him here again! Rupert is no stranger to the house concert format and venues...I appreciated his enthusiasm for the house concert community at large."
(M. Chakrabartti)

April, 2017 - "From my husband, who never offers comment:"Sophisticated, topical banter combined with amazing chord changes and a very comfortable, warm voice make Rupert a must see at any venue." This was Rupert's fourth (or fifth) appearance in our home, with new-to-house-concerts guests as well as superfans. A first-time house concert goer remarked "Who wouldn't love this guy?" Who wouldn't indeed. I've run out of superlatives. Hosts won't find a finer artist [or house guest!]"
(L. Bolton)

March, 2017 - "Rupert is an outstanding songster in many different styles. Sensitive, passionate lyrics. An accomplished musician. He did 2 concerts with us. A house concert and then another concert at my church. Audiences loved him, and many purchased CDs. A very good presenter and storyteller. Easy to work with. I look forward to future concerts with him."
(R. Malone)

March, 2017 - "As usual Rupert put on a great concert for a large crowd. His blend of different story/songs have made him a all time favorite in my series. If you find him in your area try to book him for a show in your home."
(K. Perrin)

March, 2017 - "Rupert Wates consented to an impromptu show with less than 24 hours notice. His sensitivity and passion permeated the intimate audience leaving them well sated from his talents. His voice echoes through the room, the audience responds with nothing less than sighs of great fulfillment. Many thanks to this man for gracing us once again."
(H. Dahlhauser)

February, 2017 - "The variety of music Rupert played delighted our audience. Rupert’s voice makes the listener pay attention purely because it’s beautiful & the music is original and enchanting. The songs he played were fun, energetic, thoughtful, loving, peaceful, and often thought-provoking. There are few lyricists around today that compare to Rupert Wates. Together with his outstanding guitar playing, skillful showmanship and excellent audience rapport, Rupert really is the “real deal”—a truly gifted artist."
(D. Goodband)

January, 2017 - "There is a very good reason Rupert has been honored as CIYH's Artist of the Year, not once but twice. He is a consummate songwriter, singer and performer who engages with his audience with warmth and wit. Rupert has a wonderful voice and a wide range of songs that evoke emotions and eras past. Can't wait to see him on his next time through the area."
(S. Richards)

January, 2017 - "Rupert is excellent. This was a return visit for him to our area. He is a very popular artist here. His original work is just wonderful. He is friendly and a great house guest as well. We look forward to his return visit."
(R. Berry)

December, 2016 - "Rupert has graced our 'stage' at Whispering Pines B&B many times and we are never disappointed. He always has the audience on the edge of their seats. His heartfelt song writing, amazing voice and story telling keeps everyone wanting more. "We could just listen to him all night long," said one guest. He is friendly, a great house guest and we'll bring him back whenever our schedule allows!"
(J. Stavas)

December, 2016 - "Our audience enjoyed Rupert Wates’ gorgeous fingerstyle guitar playing, engaging storytelling, lovely voice, and lyrics that were poetry set to music. His original repertoire was quite varied, with a hint of jazz, Renaissance lute musings, and straight-up folk music. From “Happy to Be Here” to “Prayer,” Rupert’s songs gave us listeners hope--and lots of happy feelings."
(M. Routen)

December, 2016 - "All the concert guests gave Rupert glowing reviews. They declared Concerts at The Ridge to have a 3 for 3 success rate!! His musical stories and guitar melodies were simply fabulous. We were glad he convinced us to schedule a Sunday afternoon concert on the tail end of his tour. Book him if you get a chance, you won't regret it."
(C. Rolph)

December, 2016 - "Rupert's concert was absolutely fabulous! My audience was held "spellbound" by his artistic magic! Not only is Rupert a consummate artist, he is a lovely person. Thank you, Rupert, for performing in my home!"
(J. Eichenbaum)

December, 2016 - "As always, Rupert gave an excellent performance. He is fun, engaging, interesting, and his artistry is brilliant. He was much enjoyed by all! As a house guest, Rupert is simply wonderful and very easy to be around. Hurry and book him!!"
(A. Keenon)

December, 2016 - "It is difficult to describe the atmosphere a gifted artist like Rupert creates. Such a pro, he had traveled far ,yet sang out his magic to the roomful of people, happily mesmerized by his talent . The crowd asked for more.I have received several thank you notes today but it is Rupert who is to be thanked."
(H. Dahlhauser)

December, 2016 - "Rupert has graced our living room twice, bringing his golden, flexible voice, his wonderful songs and his deft humor. He is a consummate musician and performer, as well as a lovely house guest. We'll wait a decent interval and be delighted to have him back!"
(T. Kohlenberg)

November, 2016 - "It was a great event to have Rupert Wates on our stage. He is a highly professional artist, his lyrics express deep understanding of life and are underlined by his wonderful voice. Rupert’s guitar playing, moving tenderly along the strings, is absolutely fascinating. A close connection developed intuitively between the artist and his audience, the show was sensitive and pleasing at the same time. Our visitors had a great time shown by their generous donations. Many asked when he would return."
(H. Lauterwald)

November, 2016 - "This was Rupert's third concert at my series. He always delivers an entertaining show with wonderful background stories of his poignant songs that paints a picture of real life experiences. His lyrics will have you hanging on every word to discover the messages he delivers in each song. He's very amicable toward the audience and easy to communicate with. Rupert is very grateful for all the host and audience has to offer."
(R. Markle)

October, 2016 - "As always, Rupert is a consummate professional. Despite having some bad "car"ma earlier in the day, he arrived and went straight to work providing us all with an evening of excellent, heart-felt music and amusing banter."
(D. Smith)

October, 2016 - "We had great concert and evening with Rupert and would be very happy to meet him again!"
(S. Birkner)

October, 2016 - "Rupert has a soothing and yet varying voice and he is an excellent guitar player. He tells his stories through music in a pointed way and right to your heart. We got addicted to listening to him!"
(A. Paluch)

September, 2016 - "Rupert is the most talented singer, guitarist we have traveling around the country today. I spend a huge amount of time evaluating artists and find there is no surprise Rupert Wates does more shows than anyone. He has terrific rapport with his audience and keeps them hanging on his every word. He's a very cool guy with a comfortable appeal anyone would love. In addition, he is a gentleman in every sense of the word. I enjoyed hanging out with Rupert and will again."
(R. Leigh)

September, 2016 - "WOW, wonderful, and lots of words of praise for this troubadour. He made music with his guitar that amazed us all. His songs were written and sung with insight and compassion. My friends have insisted on his return, they all want to invite some of their friends next time he is here. It was a pleasure to have Rupert as my guest."
(B. Amidon)

August, 2016 - "I really can't say enough good things about Rupert. He is an extraordinary human being and a true entertainer. Despite having a crowd that was smaller than usual, he was completely unphased--the performance was the same as if it had been a large crowd and he was genuinely happy to play for the people who were there. He is a man who is happy to be doing what he loves and his happiness is contagious."
(J. Taylor)

August, 2016 - "I have hosted Rupert before, and his second concert was even better than the first. He drew several guests from his first show, and won over the new guests who had not heard him before with his music and his quick-witted, funny, and friendly approach. His set was a good blend of original songs and covers, each with a story that connected the music, the artist, and the audience. His guitar playing is amazing. I'm looking forward to the third concert down the road."
(B. Melendez)

August, 2016 - "It was our absolute pleasure to host Rupert Wates for a house concert. We have already re-booked. He is a master guitar player whose original music is a spectacular showcase of the most beautiful writing you'll ever experience. The audience was immediately charmed by his quick wit and easy manner. If you have the opportunity to host Rupert it will be one of the best evenings you'll ever spend listening to music. Rupert was a lovely house guest and is one of the most genuine souls around."
(D. Goodband)

August, 2016 - "Rupert's songs are finely crafted, and his dedication to his craft is inspirational. Of course the music and the presentation were professional. (Shades of Pete Townsend in his melodies, perhaps.) The conversation before and after the concert were also quite enjoyable. Wonderful concert."
(M. Carlson)

July, 2016 - "This was Rupert's 2nd show with us. He was easy to communicate with beforehand & arrived early to set up. He was warm and friendly, introducing himself and conversing with guests. The show was superb! Rupert is humorous and interacts with the audience throughout the show. He played originals and several cover songs. He played Blackbird and is an amazing whistler! Rupert was a thoughtful guest. I highly recommend Rupert for your next house concert. I could listen to his British accent all day."
(K. Ziegler)

July, 2016 - "Rupert was a wonderful "last act" for the Little Courtyard! He has such a great style and had us all in a nostalgic mood for the final concert in our home. His communications with me were wonderful and timely and he was a great guest. If you are considering booking Rupert, DO SO! You can thank me later!!!"
(B. Brogan)

July, 2016 - "Rupert Wates is a beautiful and enchanting musician whose depth is deeply reflected in the heartfelt lyrics of his original songs of love and life. Shoreline House Concerts is honored to host such an amazingly talented singer and guitar virtuoso. A truly beautiful soul... inside and out! Thank you Rupert for a GREAT concert!"
(D. Wallace)

July, 2016 - "Rupert Wates is a wonderful singer and song writer with songs that feel both personal and universal. They are melodic and intimate and transport you to places and situations that feel immediately familiar. Rupert gave an engaging performance and instantly was a favorite with our friends. Any show starting with the song "Happy To Be Here" has to be a hit."
(M. Fromherz)

July, 2016 - "It’s certainly not hard to understand why Rupert Wates is the most booked CIYH artist – simply put, he’s superb. As a songwriter, his lyrics are intelligent, articulate, and moving; as a singer, his voice is raw honey; as a musician, his guitar picking is excellent. He connected immediately with our audience, mingling comfortably with them before and after his show, and during his performance he was witty and engaging. He left us all wanting more. We will be delighted to welcome him back."
(C. Wood)

June, 2016 - "We had the pleasure of hosting Rupert for our Concert In The Ruin series, June 2016. It was just one of those perfect summer evenings...the stars were shining, the breeze was wafting through and Rupert's beautiful music was literally embracing the audience. Everyone felt it! The way he introduced his songs, his lovely melodies and his profound lyrics left everyone wanting more. He was very professional from our beginning communications to our farewell. Book Rupert-you are in for a treat!"
(S. Acrich)

June, 2016 - "I want to pay tribute to the artist singer/songwriter Rupert Wates. He not only sang and played the guitar with excellence and grace but also introduced each song with compassion, humor and personal stories. Obviously he is a very talented man. The concert was extraordinary in every way. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment ."
(G. Menne)

June, 2016 - "What a magical evening! All were mesmerized by Rupert's musical talents, his stories and how he connected with the audience. He was the perfect compliment to a perfect evening with the forest and the mountains as his backdrop when he started, and for his second set, which was mostly love songs, we were enveloped by the warmth of the emotion in his voice, while we watched under the umbrella of a moonless and starlit sky. Rupert was also a gracious house guest who would be welcome back any time."
(T. Burba)

May, 2016 - "The crowd was quite pleased with Rupert's distinctive style of smooth finger-picking, and his unique point of view. His songs seem influenced by folk, soft rock, the jazzy crooners reminiscent of 1940s classics, and his song “Green and Goodly Valley” could have been written in his native England’s Elizabethan times. His articulate lyrics tell a story, and he is an interesting storyteller between songs as well. He had excellent communication before the event and was a considerate house guest."
(P. Johnson)

May, 2016 - "We had a great time with Rupert Wates! He played two full sets of music and kept our guests fully engaged. His songs are all very well written stories about love and life from the very unique perspective of an Englishman in America. His guitar skills are exceptional as well, and he seems to cover all the genres of folk in the short span of a show. Highly recommend this very talented artist!"
(A. Barron)

May, 2016 - "It’s difficult to mask my affection for a live performance by Rupert Wates. He is quite simply in the upper echelon of today’s singer-songwriters. His songs are beautifully crafted, emotionally dead on and often very thought provoking. His virtuoso guitar playing is nothing short of impeccable. Mix all this together with a wonderful voice, charming disposition and wit, great house guest…well, I look forward to my next opportunity to book him. "
(C. Bernhardt)

May, 2016 - "Our diverse audience absolutely loved this artist! Rupert is an amazing songwriter, storyteller, singer and musician. One of our newest concert attendees commented his lyrics really made her think and ponder what she could do to make the world a better place. Rupert is personable, kind, talented, entertaining, and a very appreciative house guest! He was a joy to host from all perspectives!"
(P. Gahr)

May, 2016 - "Rupert Wates is the real deal. He is the favorite performer at our house concert series. He knows how to read his audience and keeps them involved with the show. His songs, his voice, his guitar playing, are all superior. Rupert's lyrics are thought-provoking and soothing at the same time, and his voice is compelling without being over-bearing. He sounds like a singer should sound and never strains or stretches his voice. A world-class act and I very highly recommend him to anyone."
(B. Raymond)

May, 2016 - "Rupert's performance was wonderful. His thoughtful approach to our small crowd was very professionally done. The songs were lyrical and moving. Our favorite was "Motorbike of Midnight Blue." He nailed it like a master of his craft. His love of words comes through in his beautiful clear voice. Wow!"
(C. Lea)

May, 2016 - "We did not know exactly what to expect but came away hoping Rupert would play all night. From interesting songwriting to solid guitar skills to a personable house guest, he's the tops."
(P. Vaccaro Jr)

May, 2016 - "After several visits to our house concert series, we compare Rupert to a rare wine that is getting better with age (ours not his.) The only question after his concert is "When can you return?" He is delightful as an entertainer and even more comfortable as a house guest. Kay and I could not recommend him more highly to any who consider booking him in the future. "
(C. Singer)

April, 2016 - "Rupert Wates performed another outstanding show at The Music Room. He was joined by Stacey Lorin Merkl, with her beautiful harmony and Trifon Dimitrov on stand up bass. Rupert sang many new songs from his latest CD Colorado Mornings and entertained the crowd with his sense of humor and wonderful stories. Rupert also brought a guest performer Cathy Kreger who entertained the crowd with her guitar playing and songs. This is Rupert's 4th time here and I would definitely have him back again."
(C. Teichman)

March, 2016 - "Rupert’s skill as story-teller/musician draw us into his world, resonating with our own experiences: longing, love, joy, and grace. Adapting conversation to incorporate what he learns about us, he becomes a beloved friend, not a stranger of new acquaintance. Favorites include “Days of Mercy”, “Lady Grey”, “Prayer”, and “Colorado Morning”. Rendered with a mellow-warm voice that is married to soulful melodies and a lively picking style, his lyrics bespeak his background as a successful writer."
(D. Shoaf)

March, 2016 - "As usual Rupert put on a wonderful show. Some in the crowded room told me that he was the best I have brought to town over the past 10 years. That says something with the 100+ shows I've done. If you get the opportunity to bring him to your friends do so. Such a professional and I could sit for hours and watch him play his guitar."
(K. Perrin)

February, 2016 - "Rupert put on a great house concert. The audience (and myself) really liked his sound. Easy to work with. Would definitely have him back again in the future."
(J. Blanton)

February, 2016 - "#Brilliant! #Delightful! #Insightful! Our concert series is now launched with pure joy. Rupert was indeed all that you will read: talent extra-ordinaire, powerful heart-packed original work & thoughtful from the first e-connection to the final farewell hug. Our maiden CIYH voyage was a treasure for all in attendance. Rupert connects with individuals & with the 'crowd.' We all felt fortunate to have listened in -- at close range, on such pure #GENIUS! Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~~ Debbie"
(D. Clement)

February, 2016 - "Rupert once again entertained and dazzled us with his guitar playing and original songs. He is a pleasure to host, being fun, friendly, and engaging. Rupert has become a regular, and I am excited to welcome him again."
(A. Keenon)

February, 2016 - "Rupert Wates is a fabulous performer, and fabulous house guest. He mingled well with my audience (always a plus!) and they expressed enthusiasm for his performance, his casual chatting with them and the incredibly wonderful music. When our intermission has my guests teary eyed and blissful, I know we are on to something great. He was a huge hit and I will certainly be hosting him again!"
(P. Larson)

February, 2016 - "Rupert has hit it out of the park! This wonderfully gifted man who combines his musical ability with his lyrics with the pure joy of sharing these gifts. It takes little time for the audience to fall under his spell. His ability to play to the audience is intuitive and totally spot on. I have already booked him for December and the audience was asking me to do so at the end of the concert. He is a most thoughtful houseguest and very easy to host."
(H. Dahlhauser)

January, 2016 - "Rupert's lyrics, voice and guitar skills are the best and his warm personality is wonderful and really pulls it altogether. Only 15 folks braved the icy night and trudged up our long snowy driveway. We always hope for a bigger turnout but what a unforgettable intimate evening it turned into listening to Rupert's music. Breakfast, one of my fav parts of a concert was the best, lots to talk about these crazy days. Give Rupert a call, you and your guests will be happy you did!"
(J. Borger)

January, 2016 - "Rupert Wates is an amazing artist who truly knows how to capture the audience. I like the variety of his songs and lyrics. Beautiful Love songs! Thank you."
(S. Duenker)

December, 2015 - "Rupert is one of the most gracious, affable and appreciative artists I've worked with in my 51 shows. His third Cozy Cabin appearance yielded two shows--the first with mostly new fans, the second with superfans who attended one or both of his previous performances. A consummate professional, Rupert's superb musicianship, wit and charm delighted my gourmet audience of savvy music lovers. At a recent New York City showcase, a prominent NY DJ called Rupert "suave." I'm honored to call him friend."
(L. Bolton)

December, 2015 - "Rupert is kind, professional, charming, and an amazing musician. During the break, people kept asking where I found him (shh), and proclaiming that they would love to see him again. I sat right in front and watched his hands as he played using many different techniques. Not only was his music fantastic, his banter was humorous and engaging. He read the crowd like the pro he is. Book him, now. What are you waiting for?"
(D. Smith)

December, 2015 - "Always a hit, I can't think of a better pair then Rupert and Trifon to finish off our season. Their music is so easy to listen to and enjoy. Rupert is a great singer/songerwrier and musician! Trifling plays a mean base! Makes for a most enjoyable evening. Our audience loved them!"
(T. Chara)

November, 2015 - "Rupert was great – a consummate musician and entertainer, and a dream with which to work. He brought a pianist and back-up singer who was also wonderful. This was music suitable for a great concert hall. I couldn’t believe they were in my living room. Our guests had a great time, too -- I saw a few CDs fly out the door. If you get a chance to book Rupert, do!"
(J. Anderson)

November, 2015 - "Rupert Wates is about as talented as they get. From his poignant stories to finger picking style on the guitar, the audience thoroughly enjoyed his concert. This was his 3rd time at my concert series and will return in 2016. He is easy to make arrangements with and very appreciative of the host's efforts."
(R. Markle)

October, 2015 - "Rupert was incredible once again! Thanks for another night of great music and stories."
(D. Mathews)

October, 2015 - "This was the third time Rupert has played for us, so you get the message that we're pretty crazy about him. He's a complete and utter pro about all logistics: everything will go very smoothly. He has immense charm -- your audiences will fall in love with him. But it is the songs you'll all remember -- his satisfying melodies and harmonies will delight your ears, and his thoughtful lyrics will move and sustain your spirits. A++++"
(M. McLeod)

September, 2015 - "Rupert was a consummate performer -- talented, quick-witted, funny, and friendly. His set was a good blend of original songs and covers, each with a story that connected the music, the artist, and the audience. His guitar playing is amazing. I was delighted to host him, and would gladly do so again."
(B. Melendez)

September, 2015 - "Rupert is a perfect gentleman, great songwriter and outstanding guitarist. He is prompt, professional and is a wonderful performer. Songs are very evocative and emotional. His stories are beautifully captured through song and lead up. This is the second time that we have hosted Rupert and we would love to have him play for us again."
(J. Mahorney)

August, 2015 - "Rupert played here about two years ago and he did another wonderful show in June. Our audience really enjoyed him. He's a great musician and entertainer."
(M. Kaufman)

July, 2015 - "Brilliant guitarist and stellar houseguest. Our audience loved him!"
(J. Campbell)

June, 2015 - "Rupert is a real gem, in many ways. Not only was it a real treat to listen to and watch him play (the audience absolutely loved him), but it was also equally as enjoyable to visit with him."
(J. Taylor)

June, 2015 - "WOW! is what I say, from the hour he arrived in his stylish overcoat graciously becoming guest and performer. Rupert has some special qualities you won't hear with the majority of folk singers. He has some theatrical experience from early years giving his vocals perfection you generally don't hear; his singing is crystal clear holding your attention. Rupert's Guitar playing becomes another layer of his show. He's an expert. He can be his own lead guitarist in his solo show. What a great night!"
(D. Mellin)

June, 2015 - "ATTENTION HOSTS! Looking for a perfect combination of songwriter/vocalist/musician with engaging stage presence & audience rapport? Look no further. Rupert writes most of his repertoire, combining touching & intelligent lyrics with hummable melodies performed with entertaining picking & strumming styles. He's an accomplished vocalist who sings to each person in the audience. Personable, smart & funny, his all-around excellence will build your own series' stature. Your audiences will thank you."
(R. Closson)

June, 2015 - "This concert was so much fun, Rupert is simply awesome. His guitar, singing and songwriting skills are all a 10. He is truly a nice guy, very approachable and fun to be around. If you have the opportunity to see him or book him, do it!"
(J. Borger)

May, 2015 - "Another fantastic show by Rupert Wates! We had standing room only and a very appreciative crowd. Rupert is the ultimate musician with an incredible voice and guitar skills to match. He sings from the heart with lyrics that reach everyone. He had several new songs that we all loved. He is an easy-going guy who is fun to host. His charming manner makes the songs sound even better. Don't miss him!"
(B. Raymond)

May, 2015 - "Rupert delivered as advertised and more. No more thoughtful and considerate house guest has come through our doors. But, it was his musical talent that left both listening guests and his hosts asking for more. As a result, his next two visits to the Midwest include stopovers at Singerhill."
(C. Singer)

May, 2015 - "Simply put - LOVELY. His charm, his music, his stories, his grace. An evening enjoyed by all. We had an added bonus, Mike - a stand up bass player. A sweet addition to the evening."
(J. Thurman)

March, 2015 - "What a great show and really wonderful person! Rupert connected well with our audience and shared his moving and heartfelt songs. He also spent a good deal of time talking with folks at intermission and after the show. We enjoyed hosting him--he was considerate and engaging, organized and kind. He is a spectacular guitar player and a modest and very genuine person. A very pleasant and musically rewarding experience!"
(A. Miller)

March, 2015 - "Rupert Wates impressed the audience with his incredible guitar playing. He has a lovely voice and a fun personality. I thoroughly enjoyed having him as a house guest as well. I can't say enough good things about Rupert. His thoughtful lyrics were inspiring and he seems like a genuinely nice person."
(K. Weston)

March, 2015 - "We were thrilled to host Rupert again and honored to be the first audience to hear some of his newer works. Rupert is a delightful guest, performer, and person - gentle and yet forceful in his songs. He played to a tiny audience of thoroughly weary survivors of the 100" 2015 snowfall with verve and elan, cheering and challenging them with his lyrics."
(A. Henderson)

March, 2015 - "Rupert Wates performance was outstanding. He interacted with guests before the show. His voice and guitar playing is stellar, guests were engaged and eager for next song. Great personality and communication for months before show. Everyone loved his performance!"
(B. Levine)

March, 2015 - "What a great show!!! Rupert was as good as I've ever heard him and as a surprise he brought along Annalise Emerick. Each did a set and it was awesome. The full house loved the two of them and Rupert's guitar prowess was brought to life with a rendition of Leo Kotte's "Fisherman"."
(K. Perrin)

February, 2015 - "We finally got to see Rupert! Yay! His songs are very personal and pointed. His guitar work just floored us all. If Rupert comes your way, make sure you get to be a part of his tour."
(D. Brake)

February, 2015 - "Rupert Wates was as amazing as ever! His insightful, sometimes humorous lyrics and awesome handling of the guitar delighted my audience. As one of my guests said, Rupert's enunciation is impeccable and makes it easy for everyone to comprehend all of what he tells us. Mike Epstein accompanied Rupert just enough to add another dimension."
(P. DeLorenzo)

February, 2015 - "Rupert was a wonderful choice for dinner and song. Not only is he a talented singer/songwriter, but he is a warm and gracious dinner guest as well. He brings a continental flair to any event (he is british you know!). He engaged the room and treated us to lovely music. Pre-show communication was faultless He did not stay overnight, but I have no doubt he would be a lovely guest."
(A. Schaefer)

February, 2015 - "Rupert mesmerized the audience with his extraordinary talent, skill and showmanship. He is such a pleasure in every way and people were glowing as they left. His poetic lyrics enhanced an already joyous experience. Don't miss booking him, he is a gift."
(H. Dahlhauser)

January, 2015 - "This was the second appearance of Rupert at my house. There were several repeat guests and a bunch of new ones. Everyone was completely enamored with Rupert's thoughtful songs, his outstanding guitar playing, and his engaging personality. -- As a guest in my house Rupert was wonderful and a pleasure to have. I'll definitely enjoy having another Dinner and Song with him."
(A. Keenon)

December, 2014 - "Rupert played at a local coffee shop and really set a great mood and atmosphere. His thoughtful, wonderfully written songs were a real treat. He was also a genuinely nice guy to talk to. I would recommend this artist to anyone."
(M. Hough)

December, 2014 - "One of our guests said it best--Rupert is a triple threat--great singer, songwriter, and guitar player. We had enough waitlisted guests for a second show, so we went for it--two performances on one overcast Sunday afternoon = many smiling happy customers, many of them first timers. This was Rupert's second Cozy Cabin performance, and probably won't be the last. As most house concert hosts already know, Rupert is one of the most engaging artists we have the pleasure to know and call "friend.""
(L. Bolton)

November, 2014 - "We had a very fun night last night with about 55 new fans joining the Rupert Wates Fan Club. He spins quite the tale and adds excellent guitar work to complement the words and his vocals. He puts on a very professional, intimate show and many of my guests said, "Rupert is the best yet." That is some pretty big praise. Highly recommended and an excellent and appreciative house guest."
(J. Jaeger)

October, 2014 - "It's easy to see why Rupert won Artist of the Year in 2013! His baritone voice, sensational guitar playing and song writing make him a real star! Add in a bassist of the caliber of Trifon Dimitof and you have a can't miss show! Our audience was WOWed."
(T. Chara)

October, 2014 - "Rupert is the consumate entertainer. Although my crowd was quite thin for his show, Rupert played as if there was a room overflowing with people. He was very interactive with the audience and his music was mesmerizing. Our pre-show communication was easy and thorough and he was such a thoughtful house guest. A very friendly person and a great musician."
(A. Georgopoulos)

October, 2014 - "Rupert Wates delighted our guests at our house concert this past Saturday night. His totally professional performance was highlighted by his insightful lyrics, multi-faceted guitar work that was at times ethereal and tender and at other times dazzling and driving. We were pulled into every song like a journey, discovering new places and people and connecting with familiar emotions explored with novel insights. Meeting performers like Rupert Wates makes us so glad that we have house concerts!"
(I. Pearlstein)

September, 2014 - "We had the great pleasure of hosting Rupert last night. He is an extraordinary musician with many gifts -- fabulous, flexible voice, stellar guitar work, and most of all great songs. Despite his fatigue after a night in a sleazy hotel, and a disappointing audience turnout, Rupert gave us a deep and rich performance, meeting the audience and going deep. He was also a lovely house guest and conversationalist. We hope to host him again with the audience he deserves!"
(T. Kohlenberg)

September, 2014 - "Rupert was SUPERB! Not only is he a gifted guitarist, his songwriting and singing are magical. He was engaging and generous with the audience and made each person feel appreciated. We all loved him! As a house guest Rupert was the perfect gentleman."
(J. Lynch)

September, 2014 - "Rupert performed as Musicians Corner House Concerts and our guests were elated! His stories and connection to the audience were incredible! His guitar playing, song writing and voice are a gem! It is easy to see why he is an award winning artist! Book him if you get the chance! Thanks for a fantastic show!"
(D. Mathews)

September, 2014 - "Great show, beautiful setting, smooth, around 80 or more attendees, some considered Rupert one of their favorite house concert artists to date. Punctual, communicative, reliable artist, easy to work with."
(M. Young)

August, 2014 - "We love having Rupert here at the Robin's Nest. His voice and music are the best. We really enjoyed his singing partner Stacey this trip. Her additional harmony is the icing on the cake. Rupert's songs touch our heart and we play them often for guests throughout the year. Looking forward to the next visit."
(R. Berry)

August, 2014 - "Part of the reason we booked Rupert was that he had gotten such great reviews (also because we liked the music we heard online). He lived up to all of the praise he had received! His music is wonderful, he charmed our guests, and he was gracious and easy to work with in every way. Highly recommend!"
(N. Hirschman)

July, 2014 - "Rupert Wates is an amazing songwriter, storyteller, singer and musician. It's not often you find an artist at the top of his game in all four disciplines, but Rupert certainly is! For about an hour he had our packed audience hanging on his every word, laughing at his whimsical musings, and thoroughly charmed by his warmth and wit (not to mention being blown away by his world-class guitar playing). I can see why Rupert was CIYH's 2013 Artist of the Year! He's welcome to grace our stage, anytime!"
(R. Tobin)

July, 2014 - "Rupert is a consummate singer/guitarist/songwriter - a performer of the highest calibre. We hosted him on a holiday weekend & attendance was lower than we hoped - but he gave us 110%. His guitar work is phenomenal. I'm not sure I have ever seen such beautiful work - his fingers are full of magic. Thank you, Rupert!"
(S. Duenker)

July, 2014 - "I had heard about Rupert but had never heard him live. I was overwhelmed by how good he was, both lyrically and vocally. His guitar work was truly unbelievable. I am having him come back in early 2015."
(K. Perrin)

July, 2014 - "We loved hosting Rupert. He was very easy to work with and our guests truly enjoyed him. He has a great sense of humor and is a very talented songwriter and guitar player."
(K. Sash)

June, 2014 - "This was the third time we had Rupert play and this time he included Trifon and Stacey to complete the show. His ability to captivate the crowd with his stories and well-written songs is fantastic. He is definitely a performer I will have back regularly."
(C. Teichman)

June, 2014 - "Rupert is a class act! From the beginning the communication was fantastic. His performance was technically flawless and the songs were all beautiful and emotive. We enjoyed having him stay with us and wouldn't hesitate to have him back again."
(J. Mahorney)

June, 2014 - "WOW! What an honor to host such a remarkable talent in my home! My audience was captivated by his voice, his musical skills, and his charming persona. Do not miss an opportunity to see him or host him! A rare musical gem and a true gentleman."
(B. Raymond)

May, 2014 - "Rupert Wates was in a car accident on the way to my home. At first it appeared the other person was killed. Rupert's car was totaled. Though the other person survived it was a very traumatic experience. Rupert insisted, not only in coming but playing for all of us. He was supurb. What a gifted man and a total pro. We booked him asap for the end of January. I cannot say enough, a true pleasure in spite of everything."
(H. Dahlhauser)

May, 2014 - "A versatile & extremely talented singer & guitarist, Rupert chose his material to suit our small crowd with great sensitivity. Comments from an 18-year-old guest attending his first house concert: "Rupert Wates is a genius with his words and his music. He doesn't have the repetitive chorus, he keeps it mixed up and he shows that you don't need to follow everyone else. I just thought he was a beyond respectful and brilliant artist." Rupert left a huge impression here! Enjoying his CD's too."
(L. Renc)

May, 2014 - "Rupert is a wildly talented musician, singer and songwriter. We all enjoyed his performance immensely! Everyone was raving about the show, but also about Rupert's fun and easy personality. I would definitely love to have him again!"
(A. Keenon)

April, 2014 - "Rupert indeed deserves his designation as "CIYH House Concert Artist of the Year for 2013"! Rupert has set the bar so high, I doubt anyone shall ever surpass it! Everyone was in awe of Rupert's amazing guitar skills, storytelling and song writing. I can't praise Rupert enough!"
(P. DeLorenzo)

March, 2014 - "Toe tapping all around the room - one of our friends said this was the best concert yet! Even our concert dog, Chelsea, was wagging her tail!"
(C. Hasbrouck)

January, 2014 - "When we first heard Rupert at a friend’s house concert, we knew he'd be perfect for us. Over half of the SRO audience were house concert newbies; Rupert was the perfect introduction. He set the tone with “Happy to be Here,” and accompanists Trifon and Chris helped make a dreary post-holiday afternoon even better. One of our first-timers wrote, “The event couldn't have been better. The music was fabulous. I truly loved every song." So fabulous, we’ve already scheduled Rupert's second show."
(L. Bolton)

December, 2013 - "We thoroughly enjoyed Rupert's performance and were especially impressed with his exquisite elocution, which made every word of his songs clear and understandable. I most enjoyed his songs derived from true stories of American lives. He was a delightful house guest, even willing to share his room with a visiting Maine Coon cat. He was outgoing and my guests liked him very much."
(A. Henderson)

November, 2013 - "Rupert has played here before and was great with his story telling and wonderful voice and guitar playing. This time he even brought a great bass player Trifon Dimitrov who enhanced his already beautiful sound. I am looking forward to his return next year with his beautiful wife and Trifon Dimitrov to join him. Rupert Rocks!"
(C. Teichman)

October, 2013 - "As before, excellent show. Rupert is personable and so talented. Looking forward to the new album and next year's show."
(R. Berry)

October, 2013 - "Rupert was a pleasure to host. He has an amazing voice and writes incredible songs. Easily fits into the upper tier of performers we have hosted. Highly recommended."
(N. Pepperdine)

September, 2013 - "Rupert played as an absolute professional while being very considerate of what the audience wanted to enjoy. A very interesting person with a positive disposition and energy that was uplifting to the group. Every song just got better. Highly recommended!"
(J. Svoboda)

March, 2013 - "Rupert played his second concert for us yesterday, and amply demonstrated why we invited him back. He's an engaging personality, a total professional, and a terrific guitarist and singer. But it's his material that sets him so far above the herd. Both words and music are absolutely top-notch. His songs are SO worth listening to, again and again -- I treasure them. Bravo, Rupert! (We especially enjoyed hearing his material along with vocalist Stacey Merkl and bassist Trifon Dmitrov.)"
(M. McLeod)

February, 2013 - "What a rare treat! Rupert is such a gem of a musician and vocalist. His songs are so well crafted and his voice is like a fine wine. He was so easy to host. He brought his own sound system which enhanced the quality of the show. He is very genial and personable and easy to talk to. My guests were enthralled with both him personally and his music. Listening to him in my own home was like having Neil Young or Jason Mraz over to meet your friends! Rupert Wates is one class act! We loved him! *****"
(B. Raymond)

January, 2013 - "Rupert is a sensational singer/songwriter. His lyrics are a testament to his knowledge of the world through his own experiences. He has a wonderful voice w/warm tones and real feeling being expressed. He's very personable w/the audience, takes his time to speak to them. He's a perfect guest, polite, thoughtful. Rupert was also good about staying in touch re: the concert. He's already booked for a third time (in 2014)."
(R. Markle)

January, 2013 - "Rupert is a ridiculously talented musician. He was personable and our guests were enamored with his storytelling, his music and his open and friendly persona. I would have him back in a heartbeat."
(D. Clayton)

October, 2012 - "Rupert is extremely talanted, not only as a singer/songwritter but also he is a great guitarist. He is very warm and friendly and was able to connect with the audience and everyone enjoyed the show."
(C. Teichman)

September, 2012 - "Mark S. Tucker was right on when he said "This is one talented S.O.B". Rupert's story telling and narrative are captivating. Experiencing USA history through his musical lens is touching and enduring. He is serious, focuses on his show and delivers...also he is a great guitar player! The total package. Easy house guest, clear communications and personable. Rupert is welcome back anytime."
(P. Kane)

August, 2012 - "Absolutely wonderful performance. We were very pleased to host Rupert. His music was great. We very much enjoyed his concert. Looking forward to his return appearance."
(R. Berry)

August, 2012 - "What a show it was! Rupert has an amazing talent for story songs and is an incredibly gifted guitarist. He was an absolute delight to host and a definite crowd pleaser. I hope to be able to host him again in the future!"
(K. Schulz)

June, 2012 - "It's hard not to repeat praise from other hosts about Rupert. He's a versatile singer with a range of styles, an excellent guitarist and writes songs with depth and meaning. He connected really well with our audience. Most significantly, he's a wonderful person to host. It is clear that he loves his art and he expresses his appreciation to those who support him. I encourage any host to book him."
(M. Kaufman)

May, 2012 - "Rupert is a wonderful performer with songs that are moving and full of life experiences! He is very personable and so good. We hosted him in January 2012 and again in May. We will continue to host him whenever he comes to Houston!What a delightful musician!"
(M. Stauffer)

April, 2012 - "Rupert is such an engaging performer - intimate, personal songs that really capture the audience's attention. Our audience was spellbound for the duration of his performance - and were eager to hear the next story. His Joe's Cafe pieces were quite poignant, and his other songs were lyrical, poetic and timeless. He is also a great house guest and we enjoyed his company immensely!"
(C. Murphy)

January, 2012 - "What a privilege to explore the musical and poetic mind of this profound songwriter. Rupert's intimate style is perfect for living rooms; he's a wonderful guitarist and singer, and presents an immensely appealing repertoire. But his songs are not merely beautiful -- they also satisfy on a deep, authentic level, as only the best material can. These songs will go straight to your heart."
(M. McLeod)

October, 2011 - "Fantastic show. The guitar playing is dynamite, as is Rupert's vocal range. He played mostly original songs, but did throw in a familiar song once in a while, which pleased the guests as well. He's a great guy, a great entertainer and has an impressive resume. We'll look forward to having him back again. A real gentleman."
(C. Potter)

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